The First Business Event for Blogs
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 June 9 - 10, 2003 • Sheraton Boston • Boston, MA

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June 9: 9am - 5:45pm
June 10: 9am - 4:45pm

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clickz network

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Jupiter Research
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Tim Ireland

Tim Ireland is an expert in the cultural and technical aspects of online promotion, and was one of the first in his field to promote the combination of viral marketing with search engine optimisation (along with - later - the developing role of weblogs in this approach). He was also one of the first to predict how many in his field would miss the point of this exercise.

Tim has run a number of live 'Can Weblogs...?' experiments to investigate the effectiveness of this method and to display/encourage sustainable approaches. He is the producer of the first weblog of a British MP (Tom Watson) and hopes to have the first senatorial weblog up and running well before the 2004 election.

Tim's weblog can be found at (or by searching in Google/Yahoo for weblog marketing, Tony Blair's email address, photoshopping, some guy called Mustard Man, etc. etc. etc.).

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