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SES Shanghai 2011 Agenda - Conference Day 1

Tuesday, 24 May 2011
OMS Morning Workshop (additional fee required)
Social & Mobile Marketing
8.15 Morning Registration
8.50 Welcome Remarks
  • Speaker
    Mike Grehan, CMO & Managing Director, Acronym
9.10 Keynote: Haoyu Shen Opening Keynote Address
  • Keynote Speaker:
    Haoyu Shen, Senior Vice President of Business Operations, Baidu
9.50 Keynote Panel
The Explosion of Digital Media: What You Need to Know as Advertisers and Marketers

  • How are advertisers in China fully utilizing digital marketing?
  • The growing need for market segmentation for online marketing
  • Cross-channel integration: does it work for everyone?
  • The rise of new digital channels
  • Using search and social to expand cross-border business
  • Moderator:
    Eddie Choi, Advisory Board Member, ClickZ Live
  • Speakers:
    ZhaoHui Tang, CEO, adSage
    David Ye, Head of Marketing, PayPal BeiBao China
    Michael Xu, Senior Vice President, Business Operations, Gridsum Technology
10.45 Networking Break
  Track 1: Online Marketing 101
(Ballroom A)
Track 2: Hot Trends in E-Commerce
(Ballroom B)
  • Track chair:
    Adaline Lau, Asia Editor, ClickZ
  • Track chair:
    Eddie Choi, Advisory Board Member, ClickZ Live
Panel Discussion: Defining an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

  • Optimizing open and click rates
  • Behavioral tracking and segmentation
  • Measuring ROI vs. Direct Mailing
  • Differentiating spam and meaningful email marketing campaigns
  • Guest Moderator:
    Matt McGowan, Advisor, Incisive Media
  • Speaker:
    Rebecca Loviconi, Country Manager China, Emailvision
    Ohad Hecht, Managing Director, APAC, Emarsys
    Sylvia Peng, Product Specialist, Jigo City
Part 1: From C2C to B2C - the Challenges and Opportunities for E-Commerce in China

  • C2C vs. B2C opportunities and challenges
    • C2C vs. B2C summary of analysis (Europe/Asia/China)
    • C2C vs. B2C Opportunities and Challenges
  • Core value of e-commerce
  • How to become a successful B2C website (Case Study)
    • Awareness: through advertising, public relations operations to enhance site awareness
    • Sales: Combination of data marketing and speed
    • Services: innovative services to gain customer loyalty
  • Speaker:
    Faye Chen, General Manager,

Part 2: Emerging opportunities in B2B E-Commerce

  • Lead management
  • B2B business website content management
  • The booking funnel
  • Online sales
  • Conversion improvement
  • The invisible approach for B2B E-commerce
  • Speaker:
    Anya Zhao, Senior Web Marketing Manager Asia, Corporate Communications & Branding, NXP Semiconductors (Shanghai)
The Best Practices in Data Analytics

  • The challenges with the tools currently available in China
  • Cross-channel data ownership and management
  • The need to customize data analytics to specific business objectives
  • Building in-house capabilities vs. outsourcing
  • Speaker:
    Frank Fu, Chief Analyst, Performance Marketing Department, AdSage
Basic Essentials of an E-Commerce Website

  • Knowing what you want your website to achieve
  • Auditing your website
  • Ensuring scalability and upgrading your website as your business progresses
  • Tools to track website performance
  • Speaker:
    Sean Seah, Director, APD Venture
12.45 Networking Lunch
13.40 Afternoon Keynote Panel
Digital Touch - Revealing China's Most Effective Touch Points

  • Trends in digital marketing in China
  • What are the latest developments and challenges and how are marketers overcoming them?
  • How are marketers more effectively reaching their consumers with the right message and on brand?
  • Speaker:
    Bessie Lee, Founder/CEO, withinlink & CEO, WPP China
Panel Discussion: the Fundamentals of Search Marketing and Pay-per-click (PPC) Strategies

  • Search marketing and PPC defined
  • Reaching out to the right search engine users
  • Taking full advantage of organic traffic
  • How to evaluate your search marketing efforts
  • How does PPC work differently from search engine result pages?
  • Tracking the performance / conversion of each keyword
  • How to use PPC and SEO together to increase conversion
  • Ways to minimize risks of click fraud
  • Guest moderator:
    Stella Yang, SEM Director, Gridsum
  • Speaker:
    Aaron Li, SVP of Products and Sales, Gridsum
    Sam , Consuming Director, Shanghai Profex Inc
Panel Discussion: How to Develop a Long-Term e-Commerce Strategy

  • Leveraging external platforms and your own e-business
  • Case study: how website creative make a difference?
  • The role of search in e-commerce
  • E-Commerce branding as part of integrated marketing communication strategy
  • Assessing costs and effectiveness
  • Guest moderator:
    Chen Xiao, General Manager, Baidu Shanghai, Key Account Department, Baidu
  • Speakers:
    Jimmy Lee, Director, Online Marketing,
    Wilco Yeung, Director of E-Commerce, Mission Hills China
15.10 Networking Break
Panel Discussion: SEM Throughout a Product Purchase Lifecycle

  • Determining purchase lifecycle for your products: Introduction & growth, stability, maturity and decline
  • Mapping keyword portfolio against each cycle
  • Specific metrics to measure success at each life cycle
  • Guest moderator:
    Xie Yuan, Director, International, SEEC Media Group, V Marketing China
  • Speakers:
    Wudi , National General Manager, Effective Marketing, Allyes
    Theron Tian (Tian Chuan Zhao), Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, CubeAD
    William Diao, LPD E-Commerce, Lancome
Panel discussion: Site Management and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to Increase Sales

  • Best practices in site structuring and architecture
  • Planning website content
  • Search engines' role in improving site usability
  • Customer engagement
  • Identifying the conversion hurdle
  • Behavior profiling
  • Evaluating conversion rate by demographics, psychographics, and value-hierarchy
  • E-mail campaign management
  • Website content real-time personalization
  • Guest moderator:
    Mike Grehan, CMO & Managing Director, Acronym
  • Speakers:
    Joni Ngai, Evangelist, Business Optimization Services Asia, Sitecore
    Jesper Broberg, VP Business Development, Sitecore International
    Richard Mabey, Managing Director, The Egg
Roundtable Discussion: Trends in Social Media - What You Need to Know
  • Speakers:
    Wallace Cheung, Senior Analyst Internet Sector, Credit Suisse
    Victor Cheng, Vice President, North Asia, comScore, Inc.
CEO Dialogue
  • Speaker:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience
17.40 Day 1 Closing Remarks
17.50 Cocktail Reception

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