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Theater Presentations

These presentations take place in the Expo Hall Theater and are free to all SES attendees.

Symantec - VeriSign Authentication Services

Theater Presentation - 10:30-10:50am
Utilizing Trust Indicators to Increase Site Traffic & Maximize Click-Through Rates
Both clinical research and the experience of practical online marketers have demonstrated beyond doubt that online trust indicators - when recognized by the consumer - give a serious boost to time on site, pages visited, and ultimately conversion. Statistically significant A/B split testing by dozens of online concerns has pegged this conversion increase an average of over 20%, a huge win for those seeking to increase sales, signups or other transactions online.

Now the trust battle is moving upstream into the search arena. Forward-looking site operators are realizing that they can gain more traffic in addition to increasing conversion rates among existing visitors. The early results are in, and they're very encouraging.

Online security expert Peter Moore will go over recent trends in trust indicators and online search. He'll show the real-world improvements as measured using heat maps and A/B split testing, along with how this phenomenon aligns with other well understood online behaviors. He'll reveal specific techniques for improving clicks and staying off black lists, in both traditional search and comparison shopping environments.

  • Speaker:
    Peter Moore


Theater Presentation - 11:00-11:20am
DataPop and Major Travel Advertiser Realize Huge Gains with Yahoo! Search and Bing
DataPop's mission is to make marketing easier by providing the technology to build ads people love to click on. With their approach to campaign development and optimization, coupled with the combined traffic of Yahoo! Search and Bing, client LeisureLink was equipped to exceed their sales goals and meet their business needs efficiently. This informative session will include an overview of how the two companies designed a dynamic search program around LeisureLink's business - as well as insights on how they have tapped into the secrets of maximizing performance in the combined marketplace and how you can apply the same tactics to improve your campaigns.

Join us for a chance to receive a voucher for $500 in FREE advertising clicks from Microsoft Advertising.

  • Speakers:
    Dave Schwartz, Head of Client Services, DataPop
    Nicholle McClelland, Director of Marketing, LeisureLink
    Joe Stephens Regional Manager, Search Strategy, Yahoo!
    Lauren Hufnal, Search Evangelist, Microsoft


Theater Presentation - 11:30-11:50am
Driving Search and Social Leads with Content Marketing: Case Studies
In the increasingly social, post-Panda search landscape, how do you create branded content that is shared by consumers, naturally boosts SEO and drives conversions? Brafton addresses how search, social and content marketing are converging to create more audience engagement opportunities and shares client examples demonstrating sustainable strategies for success.

  • Speaker:
    Kate Griwert


Theater Presentation - 12:00-12:20pm
Where Social Media Meets SEO
More and more people engage on Social Media sites to discuss, comment on and share news, websites and links. The search engines, and therefore SEO efforts, need to adapt to reflect this changing landscape if they do not want to be left behind. In this theater presentation we will reveal tips, tactics and innovative strategies we have found successful in merging Social Media and SEO.

  • Speaker:
    Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO, Wpromote Inc.

Marin Software

Theater Presentation - 12:30-12:50pm
10 Tips for Taking Paid Search Performance to the Next Level
This presentation will provide actionable tips to help advanced marketers increase return on investment in paid search. Focused on advanced budgeting, campaign structure, bidding and creative optimization we will provide simple techniques to help advertisers eke out additional performance improvements from high volume campaigns.

  • Speaker:
    Meagan Herfkens, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Marin Software

Theater Presentation - 1:00-1:20pm
Domain Names: Opportunities and Applications for Marketing Online
Premium generic and descriptive domain names play an important role in big-picture online marketing and SEO strategies. Discover the value and importance of domain names and how they can help you to achieve your marketing objectives. Real world success stories provide insight into how businesses capture new audiences and grow market share through domain names, and evaluation strategies help you find the right domains for your business.

  • Speaker:
    Matt Rosebrook, Account Manager - North America,


Theater Presentation - 1:30-1:50pm
Scaling SEO in a Post-Panda World - How to Safely Ramp Up SEO Production With the Power of the Crowd
Down in the trenches, great SEO involves a lot of labor-intensive effort. But with the advent of Google's Panda algorithm, quantity is no longer enough, and low-quality SEO efforts can actually damage your search rankings. The path to greater success now requires new techniques to scale up production of quality content and link relationships, site analysis, and keyword research. This session explores tools and techniques for achieving scale through tapping into the power of the crowd.

We'll explore trends in the use of crowd-based work platforms to achieve scalable results for:

  • Content Creation - In a post-Panda world, generic content is no longer good enough. Learn how companies from Target to Healthline are tapping the crowd to create the sticky, compelling product content, articles, blogs, and videos they need to get to the top of search today.
  • Core SEO - We'll explore the legitimate and not-so-legitimate ways that crowds are being used to scale up link-building and other core SEO concepts.

You'll take away specific techniques and a list of tools you can start using now to ramp up your SEO using the crowd.

  • Speaker:
    Alex Edelstein, CEO, Servio

Bruce Clay

Theater Presentation - 2:00-2:20pm
Local Internet Marketing Optimization
Jessica Lee of Bruce Clay, Inc. presents a view of how Internet marketing disciplines work together for local optimization with new service offering, Localware. Localware provides best-of-breed Web development and Internet marketing packages for local businesses putting their businesses online for the first time, and also serves national and international brands already online that require a local focus. From SEO-friendly Web design to conversion rate optimization, Localware puts businesses where their customers are searching.

  • Speaker:
    Jessica Lee, Content and Media Manager, Bruce Clay, Inc.

Theater Presentation - 2:30-2:50pm
How to Optimize Your Business Listing for Google Places
This session will explain in detail how to create an optimized Google Places listing for your business. 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Make sure your business is there when they are looking for you. Learn how to help your business Place Page stand out with photos, videos, offers and reviews as well as how to optimize your page for search engines with keywords, categories and more. These tips and techniques can help make sure your business makes it into the top 7 Google Map results on the first page of Google.

  • Speaker:
    David Rodecker, Founder & CTO, Local Splash


Theater Presentation - 3:00-3:20pm
Creativity Without Conversion = Zero
With the evolution of the social consumer, a new breed of marketer has emerged — the content engineer — to help companies develop more relevant and findable web content. The content engineers expertise lies in developing the various forms of content required to engage the social consumer, using the different data sources available to them (search and social data, web analytics). The content engineer is one part creative director and one part data analyst. They are a combination of content marketer, SEO copywriter and web analytics professional. They know how to create content that is both highly readable and engaging, while still optimized for search engines. They know the ultimate truth: that creativity without conversions = zero.

In the post-Google Panda era, the content engineer is a key investment for any company to elevate its search engine results that satisfies both writing purists and search professionals.

This presentation will explore the changing search and social landscape, the role of the content engineer, and the tools of the trade.

  • Speaker:
    Rand Schulman, Chief Product Evangelist, InboundWriter


Theater Presentation - 3:30-3:50pm
Engaging Post Click Using Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing
You've captured there attention, now what? Learn how every day marketers can create engagement through email marketing and social media post-click. Whether it's creating relevant messaging post search or delivering viral content via email that translates to your social media channel, learn five critical tactics to taking your respondent beyond the click. Included in this session is real-world examples for the novice to the sophisticated marketer.

  • Speaker:
    Jeff Revoy, Chief Product Marketing & Strategy Officer, iContact


Theater Presentation - 4:00-4:20pm
Bedbugs, Roaches, and Mice... Oh My!
Creeped-out by the thought of spending the night with bedbugs? You are far from alone. The issue has many travelers peeking under the sheets and thinking about sleeping in the tub. And the hotel business is suffering because of it. Despite the fact that most online reports about the critters are false, they adversely affect business, and leave hotels scurrying to combat the problem. So what's a hotel marketer to do? iProspect developed a solution that combines Local Search with Social, and the results have been impressive. In fact, the remedy provides real-time trending information that allows businesses to quickly respond to consumers' input. It enables them to capitalize on the opportunity to improve their offerings and create a better brand experience. What's more, anyone with brick and mortar locations can benefit from this strategy. So whether you are in the business of selling sneakers, brewing beer, or designing dishwashers, you can't afford to miss out on this digital strategy. Head over to the exhibit hall for an exciting session that will be sure to make your skin crawl, and learn how iProspect has taken Local Search to the next level.

  • Speaker:
    Nicholas Ward, Assoc. Director of Product Venturing, iProspect


Theater Presentation - 5:00-5:20pm
"Can You Find Me Now?" A Local Business's Guide to Getting Noticed in the Complex Online World
Remember the phone commercials regarding clarity and coverage for phone service; "Can you hear me now?" The "static" in the online world can garble the transmission and communication of a business as they are trying to reach prospective customers. How do prospective customers find your client's business or your local business? Where are consumers looking? What are they interacting with? As a small business or an agency representing local businesses, getting prospective customers goes well beyond the "click" and SEM. We'll discuss lead generation solutions for local businesses including mitigating the risks associated with the ever changing search landscape and reaching the prospective customers or consumers via different channels.

  • Speaker:
    Rick Szatkowski

Social Media Club

Theater Presentation - 5:30-6:30pm
Chris Heuer, Social Business Specialist at Deloitte Consulting and Social Media Club Founder, will host cocktails; a casual but in-depth conversation, with a pair of industry leaders to discuss the future of social media.

Adobe Systems, Incorporated

Theater Presentation - 10:30-10:50am
Data is Valuable, But How Do We Really Use It?
Advanced bid automation at the keyword level is one of the critical techniques available to customers. Join the discussion to understand how to leverage your data to generate more efficient search campaigns and increase their return.

  • Speaker:
    Tim Waddell, Director, Product Marketing

Amex Open

Theater Presentation - 11:00-11:20am
The Interplay of Social and Search
Signals from social media including Facebook, Twitter and now Google+ are being factored into search result ranking. Join us for a discussion on how your presence in social media affects organic and paid search listings.

  • Speaker:
    Alex Sepulveda, Search Engine Marketing Specialist & American Express Representative

Trada, Inc

Theater Presentation - 11:30-11:50am
David vs. Goliath in Search Marketing
For small businesses, competing with large advertisers in the PPC game can seem a daunting challenge, particularly for those in competitive vertical markets. In this presentation, Trada will provide attendees with small businesses strategies that can be easilyput to use to run profitable paid search campaigns that will compete with larger competitors.

  • Speaker:
    Peter Gent, Account Manager, Trada


Theater Presentation - 12:00-12:20pm
Understanding Digital Call Advertising - Find New Customers and Ignite Sales in a New Way
Join us as RJ Hilgers explains the importance of digital call advertising in your online marketing strategy in a rapidly changing mobile world. In addition to an overview of the opportunity, he will share examples of customer success stories to illustrate the possibilities digital call advertising can bring to your business.

  • Speaker:
    R. J. Hilgers, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Marchex Digital Call Advertising

Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Theater Presentation - 12:30-12:50pm
Holistic Internet Marketing: SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Management for Agencies
In today's Internet marketing world, you need your SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing teams to work together to be successful. However, with a holistic approach comes complications: breakdowns in communication, inefficiencies and collaboration. Learn what your agency or in-house team can do to address those complications and build a successful holistic Internet marketing approach.

  • Speakers:
    Jon Henshaw, Director of Product Innovation and Co-Founder
    Taylor Pratt, VP of Product Marketing


Theater Presentation - 1:00-1:20pm
Link Building Strategies and Management
Getting started on a link building campaign can be a daunting task. What steps can you take to be strategic and effective? How do you manage the ongoing tracking of your activities to ensure that you reach your target and gain on your competitors? Learn how you can save time and money by automating large routine parts of the job.

  • Speaker:
    Danielle Simon, Marketing & Sales Manager, North America, Searchmetrics, Inc.


Theater Presentation - 1:30-1:50pm
The Fight Against Spam Continues
Information about the new blekko update and the continuing battle against spam.

  • Speaker:
    Mike Markson, VP Marketing


Theater Presentation - 2:00-2:20pm
How to Improve Your Facebook Ads
Join Kenshoo CMO Aaron Goldman for a look at the latest trends in social media and what you can do to get the most out of advertising on Facebook.

  • Speaker:
    Aaron Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer, Kenshoo


Theater Presentation - 2:30-2:50pm
A Common Sense Approach to Improving PPC Performance
A guided walkthrough of a do-it-yourself approach to managing your pay-per-click campaigns.

  • Speaker:
    Abdul Umer

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