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SES San Francisco 2011 Agenda - Conference Day 2

Wednesday, August 17
7:00-6:00pm Registration
8:00-9:00am Morning Coffee
9:00-9:20am Morning Briefing with Mike Grehan

Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

SEO Track
The Basics of Link Building
Discover how search engines rely on link analysis as an important component for ranking web pages. You will also learn how to increase traffic to your site by building quality links in an appropriate manner.

  • Solo Presentation by:
    Debra Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link

PPC Track Marin Software
PPC Competitive Analysis
An essential component of any search marketing plan is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This knowledge helps you comprehend what links to gain, ad prices to pay, content to offer and customers to seek. In this session, we take a close look at what tricks you can use with search engines to analyze your competitors' game and also what free and premium tools are available to deep dive into their strategy. Join us for a candid discussion as panelists reveal their secrets for monitoring competitive forces and threats while sharing tips that can be successfully applied to any business intelligence effort. After attending this session, you'll have the skills to easily discover what keywords your competitor is targeting, how much your competitor is spending on ads, and be able to identify opportunities your competitor is missing.

  • Moderator:
    Jeff Ferguson, CEO, Fang Digital
  • Speakers:
    Lisa Raehsler, Founder, Big Click Co.
    Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster

Social Media Track
Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics
What can you do with a social network that has over 700 million members? Find out as these accomplished Facebook marketing experts share their "killer tactics" for harnessing the real marketing and ecommerce potential of advanced Facebook Advertising, Fan Pages and Groups. Find out what some of the most successful Facebook marketing campaigns have in common and what tools can help make your social networking efforts pay off with killer results.

  • Moderator:
    Paul Madden, Operations Director, LinkRisk
  • Speakers:
    Matt Lawson, Director, Performance Ads Marketing, Google
    Rob , CEO,
    Marty Weintraub, Founder & Evangelist, aimClear

Accelerator Track
Is Retargeting/Remarketing Right for You?
Research shows that as many as 90% of the people who visit a website leave without completing any action that online marketers intend them to take, such as making a purchase. A devastating statistic like this should propel marketers to find more effective techniques for communicating with their customers online.

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a technology that allows marketers to show their ads to former site visitors while they surf elsewhere on the web. Sounds very simple, however a lack of awareness around the technology has ruffled some feathers in the industry.

In this session industry experts will share their experiences with Remarketing and the impact it has had on advertisers' overall ROI. The panelists will also address the lack of awareness and the issues that have arisen surrounding Remarketing as a result.

  • Moderator:
    Matt McGowan, Advisor, Incisive Media
  • Speakers:
    Adam Berke, President, AdRoll
    Marc Bishop, Director, Yahoo! Advertiser Solutions, Yahoo!
    Andrea Fishman, VP of Strategy, BGT Partners
    Kevin Lee, Founder & CEO, Didit


Sponsored Session
Google + Facebook = Success: Getting More Lift With Social Media
Consumers are spending more time on Facebook and with Google. So Advertisers need to pay better attention to both. Search marketers are on the frontline, and critical for integrating search and social together. Why? Both are digital, targeted, metrics driven and biddable. The results are impressive. Join Covario's CEO Russ Mann and Senior Manager of Paid Media Alex Funk as they discuss:

  • key trend in search and social media
  • integrating tactics for success
  • metrics to measure comparative effectiveness
  • case studies from today's largest brands
  • Speakers:
    Russ Mann, Founder & CEO, Covario
    Alex Funk, Senior Manager, Paid Media, Covario


Don't miss this ALL NEW fun and fast-paced structured networking session where you will be presented with a unique opportunity to meet lots of new people relevant to your business in an innovative and comfortable environment. Simply come to your assigned 1-hour session within the agenda and let us do the rest! During the session you will move around in small groups, each participating in a series of quick meetings with key people who could potentially help you with your business needs. High energy will reign throughout this session and we guarantee that you will walk away with new friends and business relations. This will be one of the most valuable hours you spend at the conference. See you there!

Expo Hall open 10:00-3:00pm

Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

SEO Track
WordPress: Power to the People!
Programmed by: Matthew Bailey
With the rise of Open Source Content Management Systems like WordPress, SEO's have been able to be more effective in the management of websites, the content and the optimization. Even the technical tweaks have become easier from the amount of SEO-related plug-in's, management tools and custom templates.

WordPress has made the barrier to entry in developing new websites extremely low, many allowing a website to be created and running within minutes. Code can be easily edited or managed specific to the needs of the site manager, creating powerful, search friendly, content-rich websites. This session examines the latest in WordPress, WordPress plug-in's, applications and how SEO can be easily implemented and managed.

  • Moderator:
    Matthew Bailey, President, Site Logic Marketing
  • Speaker:
    Christopher Auman, President & Senior Strategist, Sanctuary Media Group
    Paulo Pessanha, Director of Search Marketing, TREE

PPC Track
What Every Paid Search Advertiser Needs to Know About the Yahoo! | Bing Search Alliance
Now that the Bing/Yahoo Search Alliance has given advertisers access to over 30% of all search traffic through Microsoft's adCenter platform, what impact has that had on paid search campaigns? In this session, we'll take a close look at how the Search Alliance has changed paid search campaign performance and management since it launched late last year, and look at the new best practices for optimizing your Bing/Yahoo campaigns. We'll highlight the most important differences between adCenter and AdWords features that every paid search manager should be aware of and dig down into the nitty-gritty details of managing keywords, ads, bids and targeting within adCenter!

  • Moderator:
    Andrew Goodman, ClickZ Live Advisor & President, Page Zero Media
  • Speakers:
    Jonathan Cho, Group Search Director, Mindshare
    Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster
  • Q & A Speaker:
    Lauren Hufnal, Search Evangelist, Microsoft (Bing)
    Joe Stephens, Senior Manager of Ad Strategy, Yahoo


Sponsored Session
Google Ad Innovations
The Google Ads team is constantly launching new features aimed at improving your online advertising experience. Attend a crash course on our newest ad innovations and be the first of your colleagues to implement the +1 button, incorporate new ad formats such as Ad Sitelinks, use mobile offerings such as click-to-call phone extensions, and more. To learn more about Google Ad Innovations, please join our session and be sure to visit:

Accelerator Track
Protecting Your Brand Online
Every day your potential customers are deciding whether or not to do business with you, based on what shows up in Google's search results. A single negative review of your company, a blog post from an unhappy customer, or a 140-character tweet can result in a millions of dollars in lost sales.

In this advanced session, world-renowned online reputation management expert Andy Beal will open his play-book for managing your online reputation. What SEO tactics will push your pages to the top? How do you occupy all of the first ten Google results? What social networking profiles can you use to push down negative reviews of your company? This is no high-level "let's look at some case studies" fluff! You'll leave this session with proven tactics that you can use to clean-up your online reputation or, even better, ensure it never gets dirty in the first place!

  • Solo presentation by:
    Andy Beal, CEO,

Global Business Track
Getting Ready for Global Business
This session will focus on the fundamentals of going global with emphasis on understanding the opportunities as well as the inherent complexities in conducting an international business.

The speakers will suggest ways to pick target markets, to understand your opportunities in new markets, and how to deal with the logistical and cultural issues. Also included will be key tips and advice as well as information on the wealth of resources available to US business from local, state and Federal agencies.

  • Moderator:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience
  • Speakers:
    Christian Arno, Managing Director, Lingo24
    Motoko Hunt, President, AJPR
    Michael Bonfils, CEO, SEM International
    Tim Coughlin, Vice President,


Meet the Speakers Networking Lunch
Missed the opportunity to ask a question of one of the speakers during a session? Didn't get the chance to introduce yourself? Join our Meet the Speakers lunch where you can enjoy lunch at a table with your favorite speaker.


Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

SEO Track
Bringing SEO InHouse: the Pros & Cons
Programmed by: Crispin Sheridan
Managing SEO in-house at mid- to large-sized organizations can pose many challenges. Once a company decides to start SEO in-house, what's next? In this session you'll learn what you'll need to do in order to manage a successful in-house SEO program that runs smoothly and successfully. There are many groups involved in SEO besides the subject matter experts and if you are responsible for SEO, you need to learn and implement tactics that will increase the productivity and reduce the frustrations you face on a regular basis. Come and hear our marketing experts deliver the keys to success in building well-integrated search marketing programs that thrive on support from all levels of the company.

  • Moderator:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience
  • Speakers:
    Jessica Bowman, CEO,
    Allison Fabella, Global Director, SEO, CareerBuilder
    Simon Heseltine, Senior Director of Audience Development, AOL Inc.

PPC Track Marin Software
Landing Page Optimization
Programmed by: Bryan Eisenberg
Getting someone to come to your website is only half the battle. Once visitors arrive, the landing pages are a crucial component in moving them to act. If your conversion rate is too low, you are literally turning away business. This session will give you a crash course in how to tune and tweak your key web pages to get the conversion.

  • Moderator:
    Bryan Eisenberg, NYTimes Bestselling Author,
  • Speaker:
    Nathan Richter, Strategic Services Director, Monetate
    Joe Weller, Marketing Director, RealNetworks

Social Media Track
Next Gen YouTube Marketing
The internet's second most popular search engine can be a tough Tube to crack but not with this advanced team of video SEOs and marketers. Do you really have to blend an iPhone or sit on a horse backwards pitching shower gel to have a successful video marketing campaign? This session will answer those questions and more by sharing successful video marketing case studies, specific advanced optimization tactics and YouTube networking advice that can help boost your next video marketing projects to the next level.

  • Moderator:
    Liana Evans, Author and Co-Founder & CEO, LiBeck Integrated Marketing
  • Speakers:
    Greg Jarboe, President & Co-founder, SEO-PR
    Mark Robertson, Founder, ReelSEO

Accelerator Track
HTML5: A Cowpath on a Cliff
HTML has reached the age of maturity. Once new, a lot of implementations have now solidified best practices and implementations. For the last few years, a major effort has been made to describe the Web cowpath with the additions of cutting edge technologies. This session will present an overview of the Open Web technologies stack (HTML5, CSS3, SVG, HTTP, etc.) and the consequences for your organization, clients and Web development team.

  • Speakers:
    Karl Dubost, Developer Relations & Tools, Opera Software

Global Business Track
The Other Googles
While for the past decade Google has dominated the top slot in search both in the U.S. and worldwide, the story of the next decade may come from overseas. Challenged by government regulations and censorship, Google has largely ceded its leading position in China to Baidu. And with the successful IPO of Russian player Yandex, a new way of looking at the search engine market may be coming into focus. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn how to succeed in two of the largest and fastest growing global web markets.

  • Moderator:
    Bill Hunt, President, Back Azimuth Consulting
  • Speaker:
    Preston Carey, Director, Business Development, Yandex
    Jonathan Cho, Group Search Director, Mindshare
  • Q & A Speaker:
    Adaline Lau, Asia Editor, ClickZ

2:30-3:00pm Afternoon Break in the Expo Hall

Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

SEO Track
SEO Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis is one of the most important and informative components of an SEO strategy. Your competitors are a wealth of free information. From determining which links are providing your competitors with the most value, to deciphering what their most profitable keywords are, with the right systems in place you'll be able to capitalize on their mistakes and learn from their successes.

This session will cover:

  • On-site competitive analysis: Analyzing the structure of your competitors websites, the keywords they are targeting and how they are optimizing their content.
  • Off-site competitive analysis: Analyzing how they are participating in key social networks, what their link building strategy is and which content has performed the best/worst for them.
  • Competitor monitoring: What types of trends should you be on the lookout for? What tools are best for keeping track of what your competitors are doing?
  • Moderator:
    Chris Boggs, Founder, Web Traffic Advisors
  • Speakers:
    Michael Hayward, CEO, ROI Labs
    Taylor Pratt, VP of Product Marketing, Raven Internet Marketing Tools
    Richard Zwicky, Chairman, BlueGlass

PPC Track Marin Software
Audience Choice Session: How to Leverage Your Google Product Feeds Across All Major Channels
Google provides a tool which lets users freely upload information to product search, product ads and commerce search. These sheet feeds or XML feeds provide Google with current information about products such as accurate descriptions, availability or even condition of the product.

Product Ads includes two ad formats, product listing ads and product extensions. By linking your Google AdWords and Merchant Center accounts, you're able to surface your products directly in your search ads (and Google Images ads when opted into the Search Network). AdWords campaigns that are linked to Google Merchant Center accounts receive the benefit of richer, more specific product information in their creatives, including images and prices in Google's results.

Google is the biggest player but there are many other sites that also accept product feeds. In this session you'll learn how to get the most out of your Google data feeds and how you can also adapt them for other merchant accounts.

  • Moderator:
    Eric Enge, CEO, Stone Temple Consulting
  • Speaker:
    Rick Backus, CEO, CPC Strategy
    Jason James, Product Manager, Paid Search, ChannelAdvisor
    Mayuresh Saoji, Senior Product Manager, Google Product Search, Google

Social Media Track
SEW Labs - The Use of Video in Social Media
Expanding on the popular site clinic approach, which features live web site audits from leading experts, the SEW Labs Series is a peer-group learning experience. This Social Media Lab will have a special focus on the branding and marketing opportunities available through online video.

In each 90-minute Lab, the audience will participate with industry experts and search engine representatives in analyzing and auditing attendee web sites and in delving into the topic at hand via lively discussion. Think "crowd-sourcing consultancy" sessions in a live classroom environment.

Director of Search Engine Watch, Jonathan Allen will mix with the audience during each session and oversee the deconstruction and reconstruction of web sites for optimal performance.

  • Moderator:
    Greg Jarboe, President & Co-founder, SEO-PR
  • Speakers:
    Jonathan Allen, Director, Search Engine Watch
    Massimo Burgio, Founder & Chief Strategist, Global Search Interactive
    Garry Przyklenk, Manager, Analytics Implementation, TD Bank Group
    Manny Rivas, Online Marketing Manager, aimClear

Accelerator Track
Advanced Paid Search Tactics
Programmed by: Mikel Chertudi
Your campaigns are performing OK. How to take them to the next level? Advanced PPC tactics can actually be more fun than basic ones, because you get to activate both left and right brain power, tapping into your own unique aptitudes as well as your customers' deepest desires. This session covers campaign expansion techniques, advanced ad testing, advanced auction theory, the proper use of relevant analytics reports, ideas for bid rules and campaign automation, techniques for acting on seemingly inconclusive data, and more.

  • Moderator:
    Mikel Chertudi, Senior Director of Marketing, Adobe
  • Speakers:
    Ben Brutsch, Sr. Manager Marketing, Adobe Systems
    Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster

Global Business Track
Global Opportunities in PR, Social Media & Mobile
Is Facebook all you need in social marketing to connect with customers and prospects outside the US? And how do you get on the radar of international journalists? If your mobile strategy only targets smartphone users, what opportunities are you missing worldwide? This dialogue-style session will feature research, observations and case studies from the field focusing on popular active international markets. Bring your questions and join the conversation.

  • Moderator:
    Adaline Lau, Asia Editor, ClickZ
  • Speakers:
    Anne F. Kennedy, President, Author and International Speaker, Outlines Venture Group
    Kristjan Mar Hauksson, COO, SMFB Engine

4:30-4:45pm Session Interval

Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

SEO Track
SEO is Dead. Long live SEO!
SEO is dead... No it's not... Yes it is! It's been an ongoing debate for quite some time now. So what's the truth? Does SEO still give you the necessary oomph to rocket you up the search engine charts like it used to? Or, is SEO a "just in case" best practice routine these days? Can anyone prove it does work; can anyone prove it doesn't?

We have a panel of experts for you to agree with - or disagree with. It's a totally open discussion and it's led by the most important person in the room: You! We need your real world experience, opinions and feedback.

This is the perfect primer leading directly into the infamous black hat/white hat unconferenced session.

  • Moderator:
    Dana Todd, CMO, Aftermath
  • Speakers:
    Fionn Downhill, VP of Strategy, SyCara Inc.
    Todd Friesen, SEO Director, Salesforce
    Mark Jackson, SEW Expert & President/CEO, VIZION Interactive
    David Naylor, SEO, Bronco

PPC Track Marin Software
Place Search & Facebook Ads: an Eye Tracking Story
A new eye tracking study conducted on Place Search, and Facebook by UX Research provider User First reveals some interesting trends, including the way users interact with the new localized search results and paid ads in social media.

When Google rolled out "Place Search", marketers started noticing that local and general search algorithms had been consolidated, most noticeably that the"7 Pack" was gone. The new design layout introduced in a new way for users navigate through the page along with new questions on what search element user's engage with. The eye tracking study revealed some interesting insights on

  • Where do users' eyes go first when they are presented with local results (snippets, reviews, clustered links)
  • Whether the users still goes directly to the first result or engages with more listings

Nielsen released a study on the behavior of 800,000 Facebook users and concluded that earned media and social advocacy made users more likely to notice ads, absorb their content and make purchases. This portion of the social media eye tracking study revealed some other interesting statistics about the three types of impression and user visual patterns such as:

  • Do users engage with sponsored ads within the first 10 seconds?
  • What impression type do social media users mostly fixate on?

The study will share the data and insights on measuring of the effectiveness of optimized search elements and understanding the value between social media campaigns and user engagement.

  • Solo Presentation:
    Leslie Chacon, Founder, User First

Social Media Track
Social Media Metrics
Programmed by: Aaron Kahlow
So you're tweeting daily, updating your Facebook status and blogging on your website. Maybe because you feel you need to, or maybe because everyone else is doing it. But what value do these efforts bring you and how do you measure the return you get? What's the value of a fan or follower, and how do you know if you should continue what you're doing or switch up your strategy?

Come to this session prepared to learn meaningful social media metrics, ways to measure your efforts and tactics to refine your strategy.

  • Moderator:
    Aaron Kahlow, CEO & Founder, Online Marketing Institute
  • Speakers:
    Jamie Duklas, Director of Social Media, Booyah Online Advertising
    Kevin Espinosa, Social Media Manager, Caterpillar Inc.
    Hallie Janssen, VP, Anvil Media Inc
    Sundeep Kapur, Author, Email Yogi

Accelerator Track
Conversion Tools of the Master Craftsman
Know something is wrong with your landing page, not sure what? Or maybe you need to convince your designer or management? Join these two titans of web conversion for a high-speed tour through dozens of free and paid tools that can help you identify - and fix - your conversion issues. From usability testing and visual attention heatmaps to keyword and SEO tools and engagement analytics, you'll learn the secret weapons that these conversion masters rely on daily.

  • Moderator:
    Lisa Raehsler, Founder, Big Click Co.
  • Speakers:
    Tim Ash, CEO,
    Bryan Eisenberg, NYTimes Bestselling Author,

Global Business Track
Global Search Marketing Best Practices Roundtable
Programmed by: Anne Kennedy
Given the varied issues faced by global sites this forum will offer an excellent opportunity for site owners to get their burning questions answered. This session will be presentation free with leading global search experts on hand to answer your questions.

  • Moderator:
    Anne F. Kennedy, President, Author and International Speaker, Outlines Venture Group
  • Speakers:
    Maura Ginty, Senior Manager, Global Web Content, Autodesk
    Bill Hunt, President, Back Azimuth Consulting
    Rosemary Lising, Regional Managing Director, Search and Performance, GMIO iProspect
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience


Open Mic: SEW Black Hat, White Hat Unconferenced
Search engines provide guidelines to protect their algorithms and the integrity of their results. But these are not laws - they are what they are - guidelines. Do we really have to stick to them? What if we find a loophole or two and we can get better results if we go under the wire? Of course, that would mean only some of us were playing by the perceived rules. And the likelihood is that, the white hat practitioners may find a black hat standing on their head and pushing them down the charts. And with search and social being strongly tied together there are so many more creative ways to circumnavigate the guidelines. Should anyone care anymore whether it's black hat or white hat to get results?

Join us for our unique unconferenced session. No formal presentations - and all with a glass of your favorite beverage in your hand, of course!

9:00-11:30pm SEMNE San Francisco Search Engine Marketers Reception
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