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For questions regarding registration, please call +852 3411 4888 or send an e-mail to contact@seshk.com.hk.

SES Hong Kong 2011 Sponsor & Exhibitor Profiles


Company: ADMA
Website: http://asiadma.com/

The ADMA is a non-profit organisation with a membership base spanning the full range of the digital marketing ecosystem, from portals and publishers, to advertisers, e-commerce platforms, agencies, technology solutions providers, and research houses. The mission of the ADMA is to grow the use of digital for effective marketing investment. This will be achieved by being an authoritative source of insight and statistics, hosting networking events, and facilitating professional development. In addition, the ADMA engages with senior executives to gain consensus and provide a voice on key industry issues.

Asian e-Marketing

Company: Asian e-Marketing
Website: http://mediabuzz.com.sg/asian-emarketing

MediaBUZZ aims to make an impact in the Asia Pacific region through its online publication Asian e-Marketing, which is designed to empower marketers in the vibrant, ever-changing, electronic marketing environment. Asian e-Marketing is a pioneer in the region, covering the digital age and zooming in on the increasingly valuable and indispensable tools of today's marketers – the Internet and mobile devices. Circulated twice every month to more than 22,000 top management and marketing decision-makers in Asia Pacific, the informative guide supports and advises e-marketers in finding a sound marketing strategy, which is vital for further business success. For more information: http://www.mediabuzz.com.sg/asian-emarketing-latest-issue. To subscribe for your complimentary copy: http://www.mediabuzz.com.sg/subscription


Company: Baidu
Website: http://www.baiduhk.com.hk

Baidu is China's no.1 search engine, with the mission of providing the best way for people to find what they are looking for online. In addition to serving individual users, we also serve as a media platform for online marketing customers. Our business model is mainly based on a performance-oriented marketing platform for businesses to cost effectively reach relevant Internet users. We offer performance-based online marketing services and display advertisements through both Baidu organic websites and our affiliated websites. Our goal is to give our customers an online marketing platform that has a wide range of functions which they can use to meet their marketing needs and an extensive selection of tools for managing their accounts as well as data for analyzing and optimizing ROI.

China Search (Asia) Limited is the exclusive reseller of Baidu in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, providing effective online advertising solution to advertisers who aim to develop their business in China. China Search offers other value-added services including ad optimization, performance tracking and analytic solutions to provide marketers with high ROI. Simply start your business in China with our assistance today.

Products & Services:

  • Search Engines, General


Company: Brandtology
Website: http://www.brandtology.com

Brandtology (a Sentia Media Company) provides Online Business Intelligence that empowers global brands to manage actionable insights gained from consumer conversations online. Using a combination of proprietary technology, processes and trained professionals across APAC, the Americas and EMEA, Brandtology is able to deliver a high degree of accuracy and relevancy for millions of online conversations every month. Brandtology's multilingual support covers languages spoken by over 90% of the world's Internet population. As part of Sentia Media's multiple-service offerings, Brandtology also has the capability to provide cross-media analysis, leveraging on the strengths of Sentia Media's other business units.

Brandtology has partnerships with global organizations and provides services in multi-functional areas across marketing and communications such as sales, public relations, campaign measurement, online reputation management, customer service, product development and much more.

Products & Services:

  • Analytics & Data Measurement
  • Marketing Optimization Solutions


Company: ChasingTheStorm
Website: http://chasingthestorm.com/

What is ChasingTheStorm?

  • Simply put it is a narrative. An anthology of sorts- covering Ideas and achievements
  • Going against convention and looking beyond the obvious. 'Constructive rebellion' if you may.
  • Thought leadership. With an attitude.
  • A Brave demeanor, a thought breaker. Or then maybe- a thought starter. Suit yourself
  • Original thoughts on Digital Media.
  • A Celebration- of underdogs and achievers alike.
  • Original content. Real Opinions. Not just reports and sharing of links. We analyze- dissect and philosophize. Whatever little we might have it, we try and make use of the unique brain that god hath bestowed upon us


Company: Emailvision
Website: http://www.emailvision.com

Emailvision is the international leader in software as a service (SaaS) for email, mobile and social media marketing. The Emailvision mission is to provide excellence in software and services for online relationship marketing. With offices and client service teams in 19 countries, Emailvision delivers 5 billion messages per month on behalf of 4,000 clients worldwide. This unprecedented quality of service is driven by 12 years of research and development and by Emailvision’s 600 passionate employees. The company is privately owned by Francisco Partners.

Products & Services:

  • Email Marketing Solutions


Company: GroupM
Website: http://www.groupm.com

GroupM is the leading global media investment management operation. It serves as the parent company to WPP media agencies including Maxus, MEC, MediaCom, and Mindshare. Our primary purpose is to maximize the performance of WPP's media communications agencies on behalf of our clients, our stakeholders and our people by operating as a parent and collaborator in performance-enhancing activities such as trading, content creation, sports, digital, finance, proprietary tool development and other business-critical capabilities. The agencies that comprise GroupM are all global operations in their own right with leading market positions. The focus of GroupM is the intelligent application of physical and intellectual scale to benefit trading, innovation, and new communication services, to bring competitive advantage to our clients and our companies.


Company: HK4A
Website: http://aaaa.com.hk/

Established in 1957, the HK4As is managed and run by an Executive Committee and Sub-Committees. Committee members, elected from the senior management of member agencies, deal with issues concerning the future of the advertising industry and the business of member agencies.

There are currently around 31 members which are major advertising agencies sharing common objectives. These include the setting and maintaining of standards of business ethics, enforcing an advertising standards code, acting as a means of arbitration between agencies, and providing a forum for the exchange of views between advertising agencies and other engaged in the industry.

The Association organizes training programmes, membership activities and awards to recognize and honour the best work created in Hong Kong and China. The annual Kam Fan Awards (formerly known as the HK4As Creative Awards) ceremony recognises outstanding work produced in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (HKAIM)

Company: Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (HKAIM)
Website: http://www.hkaim.org/

The Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (HKAIM) founded in 2007 is non-profit making and political neutral. This is formed by a synergy of cross-disciplinary professionals and various groups of establishment that contribute to the growth of interactive marketing/advertising industry in Hong Kong, aiming at raising the industry standard by sharing best practices and the latest industry developments to industry practitioners and users. HKAIM also liaises closely with Hong Kong and China Government to enable the continuity of the professional development in the industry.

Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association

Company: Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association
Website: http://www.hkdma.com/

The Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association was established in Hong Kong in 1982 to represent & promote the best practices of direct marketing principles. The Association also serves to protect the common interests of those in the communication business and associated industries. The HKDMA conduct regular activities such as luncheons & seminars, networking events, newsletter and publications as educational and communication channels for industry practitioners. All HKDMA members abide by the Association's code of ethics and standards, designed to protect the rights of consumers and uphold the integrity of the Direct Marketing industry.

HKU Space

Company: HKU Space
Website: http://hkuspace.hku.hk/

iClick Interactive

Company: iClick Interactive
Website: http://www.i-click.asia/

iClick is the leading digital buy-side platform in Asia that integrates search, display, mobile and social media marketing capabilities to allow marketers to plan and manage their cross-channel campaign in one single destination. Harnessing the power of programmatic buy and technology, iClick's proprietary platform XMO (cross-marketplace optimisation platform) is designed to deliver maximum ROI and greater efficiency to marketers.

iClick has seven offices - in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea with more than 250 staff. iClick is committed to delivering increased revenue, more leads, improved advertising ROI and lower cost of acquisition to its customers. Partner with us today and experience the difference. Contact us: sales@i-click.asia/www.i-click.asia

iProA (Internet Professional Association)

Company: iProA (Internet Professional Association)
Website: http://www.iproa.org/

iProA is a non-profit making professional organization founded in December 1999. It represents over 2,600 professionals from Internet related industries, including CEOs and senior executives from leading information technology enterprises. Since 2004, voting members of iProA who are degree holders with at least 4 years of working experience in ICT fields are eligible to register as individual voters of the IT Functional Constituency in Legco elections.

iProA’s mission focuses on facilitating a seamless connection and communication between the ICT industry, the Government and the public community. It seeks to represent the voice of the local ICT industry in striving to forge the best strategy for enhancing ICT development in Hong Kong. iProA advocacies include driving the adoption of ICT across all facets of life, bridging the digital divide to enable access to information and knowledge for all, and to create business and career opportunities for iProA members in Hong Kong, China as well as international markets. For years, some of our Council Members have been active serving in various advisory bodies of the Government of HKSAR with the aim to help shape the best direction for strategic ICT development in Hong Kong.

iProspect Hong Kong Limited

Company: iProspect Hong Kong Limited
Website: http://www.iprospect.com.hk

iProspect is a leading global digital performance agency. iProspect helps create search marketing heroes every day by maximizing clients’ online marketing ROI through SEO, SEM, online display ad management, search leveraged public relations (SLPR).

The company helps many of the world's most successful brands maximize their online marketing ROI through pay-per-click management (SEM/PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), performance banner display, local search, mobile, social media, search leveraged press release (SLPR) and other related services. The agency, which is part of Aegis Media, has received numerous industry awards including: Marketing Magazine’s Search Agency of the Year 2010 (Gold), Best Search Campaign 2011, Campaign Asia Pacific’s Digital Media Awards 2011 (Bronze), Specialist Agency of the Year (Runner Up, Greater China), and others campaign awards from Google and Yahoo! Hong Kong.

With over 40 offices in 29 countries around the globe, iProspect Hong Kong can be contacted at +852 3962 4439, or by emailing interest@iprospect.com.hk

Products & Services:

  • Advertising, Display
  • Organic Search Marketing
  • Search Marketing Agencies

MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd.

Company: MediaBUZZ Pte Ltd.
Website: http://www.mediabuzz.com.sg

MediaBUZZ aims to make an impact in the Asia Pacific region through its online publication Asian e-Marketing, which is designed to empower marketers in the vibrant, ever-changing, electronic marketing environment. Asian e-Marketing is a pioneer in the region, covering the digital age and zooming in on the increasingly valuable and indispensable tools of today's marketers – the Internet and mobile devices. Circulated weekly to more than 37,000 top management and marketing decision-makers in Asia Pacific, the informative guide supports and advises e-marketers in finding a sound marketing strategy, which is vital for further business success.

For more information: http://www.mediabuzz.com.sg/asian-emarketing-latest-issue.

To subscribe for your complimentary copy: http://www.mediabuzz.com.sg/subscription

Marketing Institute of Singapore

Company: Marketing Institute of Singapore
Website: http://www.mis.org.sg

Founded in 1973, the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS), a not-for-profit organisation, is the National Body for Sales and Marketing. Over the years, MIS has nurtured more than 40,000 sales and marketing practitioners through its professional learning and development programmes and provided ample networking opportunities for thousands of its members through its diverse series of events. The Institute will continue to serve the community to fulfil its vision of "Creating Marketers" through quality education and connecting a community of marketers.


Company: SEMPO
Website: http://www.sempo.org/

SEMPO is the largest nonprofit trade organization in the world serving the search and digital marketing industry and marketing professionals engaged in it.

Whether you are a search or social marketing professional or use search and social as part of your profession, SEMPO provides the programs and resources to help you succeed.

Our activities center on Education, Networking, and Research. To support our educational mission, we provide a professional webinar series, 101 webinar series, and quarterly education programs. Our local groups provide opportunities to network throughout the world and we also conduct the industry's most respected research. We provide members with discounts to training programs and industry events, and a robust job board.

Learn more at:
www.SEMPO.org / info@SEMPO.org

Products & Services:

  • Marketing Optimization Solutions
  • Search Engines, Specialized
  • Training Courses & Certification in Search Marketing


Company: Sitecore
Website: http://www.sitecore.net/

Sitecore redefines how organizations engage with their customers online, powering experiences that can sense and adapt to a customer's needs to increase revenue and customer lifetime value and satisfaction. Sitecore's powerful development platform, integrated marketing automation tools and intuitive editing workspace have enabled thousands of organizations to create and manage more than 30,000 dynamic websites.

Products & Services:

  • Analytics & Data Measurement
  • Content Management
  • Email Marketing Solutions


Company: topseos.com
Website: http://www.topseos.com/

The independent authority on search vendors, topseos.com evaluates and ranks the top internet marketing companies. Categories ranked by topseos include: search engine optimization, pay per click management, affiliate marketing, social media optimization, and many more.

Since 2002, topseos has been a trusted resource for businesses looking to launch or improve internet marketing campaigns. The pathfinder service allows topseos to work directly with you to help find companies that best fit your business needs. Why waste time searching through thousands of sites with false promises? Go straight to the authority, gain insight into the industry, and work with the best.

Products & Services:

  • Interactive Marketing Associations & Publications
  • Marketing Optimization Solutions
  • Organic Search Marketing

Visibility Magazine

Company: Visibility Magazine
Website: http://www.visibilitymagazine.com

Visibility, the print magazine, heralds a beginning in the world of Internet marketing. This is the first time an established digital presence, topseos.com, is venturing into the traditional print media domain. With Visibility, the print world is all set to benefit from the success formula of the Internet, and vice versa. The print medium holds great promise for Internet marketing vendors who are constantly looking for more channels to promote their services. Additionally, Visibility will reach to many fringe businesses that may have been contemplating entering or expanding their Internet marketing campaigns. Visibility is published quarterly and covers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, organic optimization, pay-per-click marketing, website analytics, affiliate marketing, and press release distribution. Our association with topseos.com has meant that the hard work of proving our credibility is more than half done. Thanks to this backing, we are considered a force to reckon with, and a reliable source of information on all aspects of Internet marketing.

Products & Services:

  • Interactive Marketing Associations & Publications
  • Marketing Optimization Solutions
  • Organic Search Marketing

Web Wednesday

Company: Web Wednesday
Website: http://www.webwednesday.hk

Mix with the movers and groovers in the digital media and Internet industries in Hong Kong. A regular get-together and business networking event held on the first Wednesday of every month where you meet a wide range of people and participate in a casual but informative interview with guest speakers. Since being founded in Hong Kong by Napoleon Biggs in June 2007, our community of "Asian Digerati" has grown to over 3,000 members with monthly gatherings in Hong Kong, Singapore, Guangzhou, Beijing, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh!

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