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SES Hong Kong 2011 Agenda - Conference Day 2

Thursday, 22 September
08:00-09:00 Registration

Keynote Address
Executive Interview: How Facebook Has Changed the World?
Facebook has proven to be a phenomenon across the entire globe, especially in Asia. Its ability to connect people socially as an interrelated, globalized platform has redefined communications from the average single user to an international organization. Facebook uniquely targets its audiences through specific targeted customer demographics. This session will discuss the organic development of Facebook and how that has shaped the online marketing scene and provided new benchmarks for similar organizations.

  • Examining the different communities on Facebook: why has it become the social fabric for so many?
  • How can marketers utilize Facebook for their online businesses?
  • The future of advertising: from basic display ads to storytelling marketing?
  • Competitive analysis: will Facebook remain a crucial part of online marketing campaigns in the future?
  • Speakers:
    Douglas Stotland, Head of Marketing APAC, Facebook
    Mike Grehan, CMO & Managing Director, Acronym

Keynote Panel
B2B Lead Generation
B2B marketers in China act and behave differently than the US and other western marketers. They use email and display advertising for brand marketing rather than lead generation. When East meets West in B2B marketing, there is always an interesting contrast in marketing application and practice. The panel will show the different marketing objectives of the supply and demand sides and look at the differences between western and China B2B marketers.

  • Effective lead generation tactics
  • How an effective marketing mix should be developed for lead generation?
  • How social media should play a role when it is integrated with search for converting leads into opportunities?
  • Moderator:
    Eddie Choi, Advisory Board Member, ClickZ Live
  • Speakers:
    Linda Kozlowski, Director, Global Marketing, Alibaba
    Marcelo Wesseler, CEO, SP eCommerce
    Peter Zapf, Chief Operating Officer, Global Sources
10:40-11:00 Morning Break

Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Track 1: Accelerator
Globalized Marketing in a Digital World
This session will focus on the fundamentals of going global with emphasis on understanding the opportunities as well as the inherent complexities in conducting an international business.

  • How do you pick target markets?
  • Understanding opportunities in new markets
  • How do you deal with logistical and cultural issues?
  • Measuring and monitoring performance
  • Speaker:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience

Track 2: China
Using Measurement Tools to Gain Insights into Your Social Media Audience

  • Using SIP Enterprise 3.0 as a tool to monitor your online reputation
  • Combining tools and technology in social media campaigns
  • Looking at brand awareness in auto and hospitality industry in China
  • Case study on auto or hospitality industry
  • Speaker:
    Mathew McDougall, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Digital Jungle


Sponsored Session
Step-by-step Guide to Search and Social Integration

  • How social integration can drive search effectiveness
  • Making your social campaigns search-friendly
  • Experimenting with keyword advertising on social media sites
  • Maximizing results of paid search campaigns through social media
  • Speakers:
    Rosemary Lising, Regional Managing Director, Search and Performance, GMIO iProspect
    Simon Ashwin, Head of Social Media and Production Services, APAC, GroupM


Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Track 1: Accelerator
Killer Social Media Targeting Tactics
What can you do with a major social media network with a billion users and followers in today's world? This session will focus primarily on behavioral targeting and marketing experts will share their "killer tactics" for harnessing the real marketing and e-commerce potential of advanced social media advertising. Find out what some of the most successful social media marketing campaigns have in common and what tools can help make your social networking efforts pay off with spectacular results.

  • Effective use of tweets, blogs, fan pages, interest pages, groups, events, applications and Facebook SEO
  • Learn how to run tens of millions of daily impressions with up to 1.25% CTR, strong targeting, great lead generation and direct response conversions
  • Techniques and tactics to target customers and identify influential users
  • Engaging with your customers
  • Moderator:
    AJ Bellarosa, Founder, AJ Bellarosa
  • Speaker:
    Eden Lau, Regional Director, Isentia Social
    Tom Skotidas, Founder and Director, Skotidas

Track 2: China
Finding Your Way Around Search in China
All major search engines in China offer the advertising channel PPC/SEM—however, there are differences between Baidu, Google and Yahoo! There are also a multitude of other players and vehicles in the market.

  • Key differences between major search engines
  • China media landscape analysis and Internet users' behavior
  • Best practice in advertising strategy tailored to the unique online behavior of Chinese Internet users
  • Combining robust ad optimization technology to maximize advertising ROI
  • Beyond the major search engines - the power of vertical in China
  • Speakers:
    Cody Chan, Director, China Search (Asia) LTD
    Winny So, Director, Product Development, iClick Interactive Asia

Track 3: Hot Topics
Search and Social in the Travel and Tourism Industry
The best time to reach a traveler is when they are looking for you! Online marketing for tourism is constantly changing and key players in the industry need to keep up with the latest tips and tactics to succeed in international SEO.

  • Localized approach to multilingual website optimization
  • Responding to local distinctions
  • Translating your keywords
  • Moderator:
    Eddie Choi, Advisory Board Member, ClickZ Live
  • Speakers:
    Eddie Chan, Director of E-Commerce & Online Communications, The Venetian Macau
    Richard Kwong, Head of SEO Asia Pacific,
    Bart van Gemert, Head of SEM, Blue Summit Media

12:45-13:45 Networking Lunch

Special Address — Riding on the Opportunities of Mobile Commerce

  • How smartphones change online shopping behavior?
  • Mobile commerce trends and insights
  • How to leverage mobile apps for marketing and brand building?
  • How to monetize your social media channels on mobile devices?
  • Mobile commerce case studies
  • Speaker:
    Vincent Lau, Director, eCommerce, Asia Pacific, Deckers Outdoor Corporation


Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Sponsored Session
Customer Engagement Management

  • How to optimize your spending on online advertisement
  • Best practices to engage with your visitors
  • How do you use behavior profiling to target content?
  • Effectively communicate with individuals across channels (i.e. web, email, mobile)
  • Speaker:
    Jesper Broberg, VP Business Development, Sitecore International

Track 2: China
Leading a Movement on Progress in China From the Lens of a Global Iconic Brand
This session will lead you through Johnnie Walker's journey with marketing innovation in China.

  • How a global brand idea can be made relevant to the Chinese consumer?
  • Utilising a perfect blend of paid earned and owned media
  • Speaker:
    Lawrence Law, Brand Director, Engagement Marketing, Moet Hennessy Diageo China

Track 3: Hot Topics
Integrating Entertainment Elements and Social Media Marketing to Drive Success

  • Strategies for socializing your brand into music, arts, games and video
  • Leveraging multiple platforms for consumer reach
  • Measuring the ROI
  • Moderator:
    Adaline Lau, Asia Editor, ClickZ
  • Speakers:
    Thomas Crampton, Director, Digital Influence, APAC, Ogilvy
    Benjamin Grubbs, APAC Head of Content Partnerships (News, Education & Family Entertainment), Asia Pacific, YouTube
    Adrian Toy, Head of Marketing, Puma

15:10-15:30 Afternoon Break

Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Track 1: Accelerator
Case Study: Using Industrial-Scale Content Generation to Boost SEO
How could you build 200,000 pages of content in 3 months and gain record-breaking conversion levels? This session will teach you how content analysis and high quality auto-generated pages were used to boost SEO (by hundreds of thousands of visitors a month) in a multimillion dollar international lead generation and advertising business (based in Hong Kong and seven other countries) to drive record-breaking conversion levels and an ROI that far exceeded the industry average.

  • How to convince your boss that you need to create 200,000 pages of content, get the budgets approved and reinvest the proceeds in more SEO
  • What you need to do to find content gaps in any industry and use them for your SEO strategy
  • How to create an SEO content calendar for your site based on customer insights
  • How content can be quickly and cost effectively developed through PR, your suppliers, data permutations, social media and blog aggregators
  • What channels you need to syndicate your content through to maximize exposure
  • How to kill two birds with one stone by using social media and PR efforts to maximize SEO exposure
  • How search engines rate and reward content
  • Speaker:
    Max Sim, Head of Digital, jobsDB Group

Track 2: China
Online Marketing in China
This session focuses on how the China market differs from the West, where and how companies are reaching their target audience and top tips for your entry into the market.

  • Where do Chinese users start their first click?
  • What are the most popular social networks in China and how do you leverage them?
  • What is the role of mobile?
  • The importance of the blogosphere
  • Speakers:
    Carrie Law, Director, Strategic Planning & Business Development, Ignite Media
    Don Anderson, Regional Managing Director, We Are Social (Singapore)

Track 3: Hot Topics
Case Study
With the increasing number of search products offered by Google, advertisers should think beyond the traditional SEO and SEM strategies. In addition to having a proper program to integrate SEM and SEO, hoteliers should think about how to understand searchers' intent and provide corresponding responses at the right time through the right channel, using the a myriad of Google paid/non paid services that are available.

  • Learn how to think beyond PPC to drive online room reservations
  • Learn how to implement a comprehensive sSearch strategy including SEO, SEM, Google Places, mobile search, local search and more to drive a comprehensive search presence
  • Speaker:
    Ruth Stubbs, CEO, iProspect Asia-Pacific


Ad Agency CEO Roundtable

  • Moderator:
    Crispin Sheridan, Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience
  • Speakers:
    Chris Reitermann, President, Asia Pacific, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising
    Stephen Chang, CEO, ZenithOptimedia Greater China
    Kevin Huang, CEO, Pixel Media
17:00 Closing Remarks
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