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Partnered Training Workshops

Participants may register for training in addition to the SES San Francisco conference or independently, as workshops take place on the Monday before the event. Additional registration fee applies.

Full Day Workshop

Search Engine Optimization Training

Bruce Clay, Inc.Full day $1,245

Bruce Clay SEO Training:
Bruce Clay, an industry recognized expert on SEO, will offer a one-day SEO Training Course in conjunction with SES San Francisco. This course is targeting marketing and technical staff alike and offers strategy and tactics necessary in today's fast changing search world. The course, which covers SEO methodology, concepts and strategies, will provide the process needed to achieve significant traffic.

Focusing on white-hat search engine-compliant SEO methods, the course covers techniques allowing you to change your sites while staying away from the techniques that will get you in trouble. Others that have completed the extended course have raved about it, and this training will be no exception.

The Bruce Clay SEO Training offers a specific and clear view of the techniques required to beat your competition in the war for search results supremacy for your properly selected and targeted keywords.

The training covers:

  • How to select properly performing keywords
  • How to identify and characterize your competition
  • How to analyze and edit your own content
  • How to avoid Spam
  • How to develop links worth having
  • How to include Engagement Objects™
  • How to measure your success
  • And you get a 1-year free subscription to the SEOToolSet®

Each student receives a FREE copy of Search Engine Optimization For Dummies: All-in-One Desk Reference.


Bruce Clay Bruce Clay
Bruce Clay, Inc.

Bruce Clay is founder and president of Bruce Clay, Inc., a global Internet marketing optimization firm providing SEO, pay per click, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, SEO-friendly web design and architecture, and SEO tools and training. As an industry thought leader, Clay is an accomplished speaker and educator. He is also the author of Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies—more than 700 pages of hands-on SEO guidance, with the second version published in January 2012.

Full Day Workshop

Email Marketer's Toolkit For Success

eecFull day $995

Want to compare your email marketing goals and campaigns with best of breeds in your category and take your programs to the next level? Attend this session for a quick review of marketplace winners and losers and then dive into expert-led topical training that will help you define the right strategy, implement it, measure results and promote replicable success across your organization.

At the end of the workshop, attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion recognized by the eec and ClickZ.


  • Introduction and State of the Union
  • Winners and Losers
  • Starting at the beginning. Understanding goals and aligning with strategy
  • From strategy to execution
    • Audience recruitment, development, growth and cultivation
    • Campaigns - A full life-cycle approach - from acquisition to retention and loyalty
    • Best Practices Based Implementation
      • Segmentation
      • Messaging
      • Creative
      • Optimization and Testing
      • Deliverability
      • Measurement and Reporting
      • Leveraging Data
  • Mastering metrics and working toward your goals - Data are not numbers they are people
    • Beyond the click - The metrics that matter to you.
    • Applying metrics to increase performance
    • What can be automated?
  • Audience Response
    • During this time, audience members are encourage to present the experts with case based challenges that the session leaders and other audience members will collaborate to help address.
  • The Test

All attendees will receive a comprehensive resource booklet containing expert whitepapers and educational materials from across the EEC member base.

Nicholas Einstein, Director of Strategic & Analytic Services, Datran Media
Aaron Smith, Director, Creative Technologies, Smith-Harmon, a Responsys Company

Connected Marketing WeekConnected Marketing Meet & Greet - 7:00pm-late

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