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Theater Presentations

These presentations take place in the Expo Hall Theater and are free to all SES San Francisco attendees.

Yahoo! Search and Bing

Theater Presentation - 11:00-11:20am
Yahoo! Search and Bing
Learn how Yahoo! Search and Bing are coming together for advertisers and consumers as a powerful new choice in search. Come hear tips on how to prepare for the transition, and receive a free gift (while supplies last!)

  • Speakers:
    Mike McMeekin, Senior Strategist, Search Optimization & Strategy
    Tamara Colagrossi, Group Product Marketing Manager


Theater Presentation - 11:30-11:50am
From PPC to Landing Pages: Using Messaging to Instantly Boost Campaigns
In this one-of-a-kind session, we will reveal the results of tens of millions of visitors and hundreds of thousands of conversions and explore how unique and consistent messaging can instantly boost your SEM campaign results. Using real-life examples and statistics, you will leave with fresh and cutting-edge concepts that can be implemented with ease, regardless of your campaign size or goals. From PPC ads to SEO tags, landing page headlines to button text, this session promises to be unique, memorable and ultimately profitable!

  • Speaker:
    Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO, Wpromote Inc.


Theater Presentation - 12:00-12:20pm
Direct Navigation as an Alternative to Search
Direct Navigation is an emerging market for advertisers seeking new ways to receive highly targeted and highly qualified traffic. Presently, only a few companies deliver this traffic via domain and toolbar channels. This intent-driven traffic is the next logical step in the way that users are delivered to advertisers.

  • Speaker:
    Pete Neumann


Theater Presentation - 12:30-12:50pm
Optimization and Competitive Analysis in the Opportunities Tab
In this talk, we'll walk the audience through an overview of the changing search landscape and explore changes in search behavior that led us to develop the Opportunities tab. We will also outline the benefits of the Opportunities tab, provide a demonstration of the various inputs you can give the tab to customize ideas for advertising goals and account constraints, and we'll review case studies of advertisers who have used the Opportunities tab to improve AdWords performance. To close out the session, we will demo the newly launched and Analyze Competition feature, which allows advertisers for the first time to compare their AdWords performance to that of advertisers in similar keyword categories.

  • Speaker:
    Alexandra Kenin, Product Marketing Manager

Yahoo! Search and Bing

Theater Presentation - 1:00-1:20pm
Yahoo! Search and Bing
Learn how Yahoo! Search and Bing are coming together for advertisers and consumers as a powerful new choice in search. Come hear tips on how to prepare for the transition, and receive a free gift (while supplies last!)

  • Speakers:
    Mike McMeekin, Senior Strategist, Search Optimization & Strategy
    Tamara Colagrossi, Group Product Marketing Manager

Ask Sponsored Listings

Theater Presentation - 1:30-1:50pm
In 2009, Ask Sponsored Listings (ASL) recognized that the majority of their advertisers shared a common challenge. This challenge will be addressed, along with ASL's solution to develop PureLeads™ technology, created in order to ensure high quality traffic and overall better results for its advertisers.

  • Speaker:
    John Harvey Faurholt

Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Theater Presentation - 2:00-2:20pm
How to Create Professional Internet Marketing Reports on the Fly

Stop wasting days or weeks collecting campaign data, and then struggling to create coherent, professional looking reports for your clients and managers. Learn how to create actionable, comprehensive reports that include link building, analytics, ranking, and social media details in mere minutes.

  • Speaker:
    Taylor Pratt, Product Marketing Manager, Raven Internet Marketing Tools


Theater Presentation - 2:30-2:50pm
5 Things Your Email Recipients Want You to Know

When you're communicating with your customers and prospects, it's important to give them the information they want, in a way they want to receive it. Join us to hear the tips that will help you succeed in your email marketing campaigns. It's the information your recipients want you to know, but are too afraid to tell you.

  • Speaker:
    Jonathan Kremer, Partner Development Manager

Bruce Clay

Theater Presentation - 3:00-3:20pm
The New SEOToolSet® v.5

See the unveiling of the next generation of Bruce Clay, Inc.'s powerful SEOToolSet®! Designed for today's global Internet market, the new SEOToolSet® software offers multi-language support and an integrated suite of search engine optimization tools that includes project management, user roles, and many robust features. Don't miss this live demo by company founder and president, Bruce Clay, a search industry expert since 1996.

  • Speaker:
    Bruce Clay, President


Theater Presentation - 3:30-3:50pm
Learning from your competitors and get ahead in organic search
Get beyond reporting and analyzing your own search performance - what really will put you ahead is understanding what your competitors are doing, for what keywords they are ranking well, what paid search campaigns they are running, how their Web sites are built and optimized, and where they are getting their links from. Learn how to manage this universe of deep and detailed data with highlighting of critical data and actionable recommendations.

  • Speaker:
    Erick Waggoner, VP Sales North America, Searchmetrics Inc.

Marin Software

Theater Presentation - 4:00-4:20pm
Social + Search - The Search Marketers Guide To Facebook Ads

Join Marin Software to learn how sophisticated search marketers are using Facebook Ads to drive downstream searches and conversions. In this informative session, Marin will highlight some of the ways that marketers can leverage their existing bidding, campaign management, and creative optimization skills to succeed in the world of paid advertisements on Facebook. Attendees will gain insight into best practices for micro-segmenting audiences and managing creative to maximize response and ROI. The session will also cover techniques for measuring the cross channel impact of Facebook ads and how to use this information to allocate spend to your social channels.

Trada Inc.

Theater Presentation - 4:30-4:50pm
Crowdsourcing: The Pros and Cons of Leveraging the Crowd for Paid Search
Search marketers are always looking for the next thing in paid search. While recently a host of bid management and cross-network management tools have emerged, fundamentally the gap for most search marketers is time and expertise. The emergence of the crowdsourcing business model (leveraging the wisdom of many people working on a problem with a defined incentive) provides a new mechanism to bridge this gap. Crowdsourcing is giving small- and medium-sized businesses unprecedented access to expertise they otherwise would have had to hire expensive consultants or learn the skills themselves.

In the opposite direction, crowdsourcing provides a whole new earning mechanism for already credentialed PPC professionals to make money using their skills without requiring them to recruit and manage customers. Lastly by working together, crowdsourcing is proving that more minds working on a paid-search campaign is better than any single person. There are a number of crowdsourced advertising companies emerging now - this presentation will provide a survey of the various categories (ad creation, PPC campaign management, creative, etc..) and the pros, cons and strategies for engaging with a crowd.

  • Speaker:
    Niel Robertson, Founder & CEO, Trada Inc.

Theater Presentation - 5:00-5:20pm
Optimizing Local Listings

In the early days of cartography, when the map makers didn't know what was in an unexplored part of the world, they would often write the warning, "Here Be Monsters!" With Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others introducing a new form of SEO that deals specifically with maps and local business listings, many may feel that the ancient map makers were right and that monsters indeed do lie in wait among the bots and crawlers of this new frontier. In this presentation,'s Jeff Ferguson will offer modern-day tips for optimizing local business listings on the major and minor search engines to avoid these modern day monsters of search.

  • Speaker:
    Jeff Ferguson, Senior Director of Online Marketing


Theater Presentation - 5:30-5:50pm
OMG---You're competing against your own brand!

Must-do steps to align your national-brand and local-outlet advertising efforts online.

In this session, Monica Ho, expert on local-search marketing, will explain the essential steps national and local marketers must take to ensure their advertising efforts in search, as well as social marketing, are not competitive, but complementary. Stewart's poignant tips will help you get the most out of your online marketing so you can make sure every dollar counts. Be sure that your distributors and marketing partners are not your competitors. And learn how even smaller local businesses can take advantage of the huge power of search and social media.

  • Speaker:
    Monica Ho, SVP, Marketing & Creative


Theater Presentation - 10:40-11:00am
The Future of Link Building
What if you could instantly eliminate 95% of the garbage link opportunities out there? Instead of thinking you need 10,000 links to win, what if someone could show you the 50 that matter? What if you were given a personalized map that shows you the best links for your website as well as the ones you should avoid? Imagine knowing where you are and how far you've come. Imagine seeing the finish line and knowing that every step you take makes a difference. You'd no longer be on a treadmill, you'd be running a race you could win.

AdGooroo's Link Insight will show you the way!

  • Speaker:
    David Fahey

Theater Presentation - 11:10-11:30pm
How to Select the Right SEM Management Firm

Time is of the essences when it comes to managing a business, which is why more and more companies are turning to the experts to take care of their Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Choosing the right Search Engine Marketing firm to handle your campaign can be just as important as the decision to do Search Engine Marketing. During this discussion we will explore the options of using in-house resources versus outsourcing a company to manage it. When choosing an outside company, I will discuss what you should look for, how to make the best decision, and what tools should be in place in order for your campaign to be the most successful.

  • Speaker:
    Richard K. Kahn, CEO


Theater Presentation - 11:40-12:00pm
Search Ad Networks: Everything You Always Wanted to Know (but were too afraid to ask)

In this session Allen Hammock will explain exactly what a search ad network is (and is not), and how search marketers are leveraging networks to expand their pay-per-click campaigns beyond the big search engines. Allen will go into detail about the diverse types of search traffic available on the ad networks, the corresponding value of that traffic based on searcher intent, and how advertisers can work with providers to segment their bids so they are paying for the right keywords matching the right traffic at the right price.

In addition, Allen will provide a checklist of questions advertisers and search marketers should ask when evaluating new search ad networks to partner with.

Finally, Allen will document specific campaign adjustment and expansion techniques that PPC marketers can implement to mine incremental performance and ensure account success on the ad networks.

  • Speaker:
    Allen Hammock


Theater Presentation - 12:10-12:30pm
Improving Advertising Performance with Call Analytics

Call analytics is a powerful product for any marketer looking to improve their advertising performance. Using call analytics you can clearly see which ads, campaigns and channels are bringing in calls, and which aren't - so you can make changes on the fly to improve your advertising ROI. In this session you will learn how a Search Engine Marketing agency used call analytics data to dramatically improve their client's lead generation totals and overall advertising ROI.

  • Speaker:
    Scott Pyper, National Sales Director Call Analytics


Theater Presentation - 12:40-1:00pm
Domain Names: Strategic Insights for SEO

Learn more about how premium generic domain names play an important role in big picture SEO strategies across the enterprise. Discover the real value of domain names and how to develop a domain name strategy to achieve your marketing objectives. Real world case studies will provide insights and examples of how organizations are capturing and growing their market share through domain names.

  • Speaker:
    Ryan J. Colby, Senior Sales Consultant - North America


Theater Presentation - 1:10-1:30pm
Test That Ad!

A deep dive into the most important things to think about when copy testing: what makes your paid search ad stand out on the SERP, a good CTR = good Quality Score but can we still properly prequalify visitors, how much can copy really influence conversion rates, bending the engine's ad copy rules, display URL tricks, why dynamic keyword insertion doesn't always make sense (and when to avoid it), and more. This session aims to educate and surprise even the advanced paid search marketer.

  • Speaker:
    Reid Spice, VP, Search Media Insights, iCrossing


Theater Presentation - 1:40-2:00pm
Align Social Media Metrics with Your (True) Business Goals

The Art and Science of Measuring the Social Web

Social media are top of mind for marketers today, but there is much to learn before mastering this new marketing venue. Effective, meaningful analytics can play a key role in helping you manage your approach to social media and how to improve it over time. As always with analytics, it is vital to align the metrics that you track with your business goals to avoid "analysis paralysis". For web analytics solutions, an open architecture that lends itself to extending traditional web metrics with additional data is paramount. Learn how Unica NetInsight provides an open and flexible data architecture as one of its next-generation advantages to supporting social media metrics.

  • Speaker:
    Joe Cosentino


Theater Presentation - 2:10-2:30pm
5 Secret PPC Metrics Your Competitors Don't Want You To Know

Are you like most advertisers who monitor the obvious metrics from their paid search efforts, looking at things like impressions, click-throughs and conversion?

Many take it to the next level and look at their web analytics activity as well. But only top advertisers go beyond average metrics and merge their PPC metrics and their web analytics for deeper, more powerful insights.

Think you've got what it takes to compete in the search battle?

In this dynamic, fast-paced session, Marc Poirer will teach you 5 secret metrics that will help you take your Search Engine Marketing to the next level. Learn how to combine your Paid Search and Web Analytics metrics to create much more meaningful reports, make better decisions and increase your ROI... or your competitors will.

  • Speaker:
    Marc Poirier, CMO & Co-Founder

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