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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Wednesday | Thursday | Conversion Conference

Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
Dr. Ralph Wilson, Found and Editor-in-Chief, Web Marketing Today®

Introduction to Analytics
Tami Dalley, Director, User Experience Optimization, ROI Labs

PPC Lab Primer
Kevin Lee, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Didit

Successful Information Architecture
Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive
Eleanor Hong, Lead Editor, SEO,

Digital Asset Optimization
Kristjan Mar Hauksson, Founder and Director of Search & Online Communications, Nordic eMarketing
Chris Boggs, Director, SEO, Rosetta

Meaningful SEO Metrics: Going Beyond the Numbers
Richard Zwicky, Founder & CEO, Enquisite
Jon Glick, VP of SEO and GM European Web Properties,
Ray "Catfish" Comstock, Director of SEO, BusinessOnLine

Introduction to Information Retrieval on the Web
Mike Grehan, Global VP Content, SES/Search Engine Watch/ClickZ

Link Building Basics
Christoph Cemper, Managing Director,
Debra Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link
Richard Stokes, CEO, AdGooroo

Content Marketing Optimization
Lee Odden, SES Advisory Board & CEO, TopRank Online Marketing

Deep Dive Into Analytics: When Bounce Rate No Longer Floats Your Boat
Tami Dalley, Director, User Experience Optimization, ROI Labs
Marty Weintraub, President, aimClear
Matthew Bailey, SES Advisory Board & President, Site Logic Marketing

Developing Great Content
Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO, SuccessWorks
Rand Fishkin, CEO,
Michael DeHaven, SEO Product Manager, Bazaarvoice

21 Secrets to Top Converting Websites
Bryan Eisenberg, SES Advisory Board and NYTimes Bestselling Author,

Introduction to Remarketing
Daniel Yomtobian, CEO and Founder,
Rob Leathern, CEO,
Kevin Lee, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Didit

SEO Through Blogs & Feeds
Sally Falkow, President, PRESSfeed
Lee Odden, SES Advisory Board & CEO, TopRank Online Marketing

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Tuesday | Thursday | Conversion Conference

SEO 101
Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay, Inc.

News Search Optimization
Brent Payne, SEO Director, Tribune
Allison Fabella, SEO & Social Media Manager, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Topher Kohan, SEO Manager, CNN
Eleanor Hong, Lead Editor, SEO,

Bringing SEO In-House: The Pros and Cons
Prashant Puri, Director of Acquisition Marketing,
Laura Callow, Senior Search Marketing Manager, Intuit Canada, Global Business Division
Bob Tripathi, Customer Marketing Manager, Sears Holdings
Jessica Bowman, SEO Strategist and in-house SEO Expert,

Crossing the Digital Divide: The Leap From Search to Display
Sacha Berlik, Founder and CEO, mexad
Mike Baker, President and CEO, DataXu

Local Lab Primer
David Rodecker, Founder & CTO, Relevant Ads Inc.

Search, PR and the Social Butterfly
Lisa Buyer, President & CEO, The Buyer Group
Kristjan Mar Hauksson, Founder and Director of Search & Online Communications, Nordic eMarketing
Sally Falkow, President, PRESSfeed
Brett Tabke, CEO, WebmasterWorld

Stretching Your Marketing Dollars: The Upside of Search
Eli Goodman, Search Evangelist, comScore, Inc.
Bob Myhal, President, MuscleMaster
John Sherrod, Senior SEO Technologist, Search Discovery, Inc.
Allen Hammock, Director of Technical Sales, LookSmart, Ltd.

Getting Mobilized! Mobile Marketing Strategies
Cindy Krum, Chief Executive Officer, Rank-Mobile, LLC
Sandeep Aggarwal, Managing Director, Internet & Software, Caris & Company
Michael Martin, Owner, Mobile Martin

Video Lab Primer
Greg Jarboe, President & Co-Founder, SEO-PR

Scaling Up Your SEO Campaigns
Russ Mann, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Covario
Jim Yu, Founder & CEO, BrightEdge
Horst Joepen, CEO, Searchmetrics

Speaking Geek: How Marketers Can Work with Web Developers to Achieve Business Goals
Puneet Bhasin, Independent IT Consultant
Casey Rovinelli, Director, Digital Marketing, National Hockey League Players' Association

Real-Time Storytelling
Khris Loux, CEO & Co-Founder, Echo

Competitive Research
Mark Munroe, Director of Search Audience, MerchantCircle
Eli Goodman, Search Evangelist, comScore, Inc.
Bill Leake, President and CEO, Apogee Search

Paid Search 101
Heather Lutze, CEO & Co-founder, Findability Group

B2B Marketing Tips
Andrew Chang, Marketing Manager, LinkedIn
Scott Brinker, President & Chief Technology Officer, ion interactive

Twitternation & Automation
Paul Madden, Owner, Crea8 New Media

Beyond the Click: What Shoppers Need Now
Lee Cohen, Senior Director of Business Development & Sales, Become, Inc.
John Federman, President and CEO, Searchandise Commerce

Thursday, August 19, 2010
Tuesday | Wednesday | Conversion Conference

Paid Placement for Branded Content & Digital Advertorial
Dana Todd, CMO, Newsforce
Yaron Galai, CEO, Outbrain
Byron White, Chief Idea Officer, ideaLaunch

Eye Tracking Research Update
Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive

PPC or SEO? The Ultimate Search Marketing Battle
Mark Jackson, SEW Expert & President/CEO, VIZION Interactive
Rand Fishkin, CEO,
Thomas Bindl, SES Advisory Board & Founder & CEO, Refined Labs GmbH
Benu Aggarwal, Founder & President, Milestone Internet Marketing

Enterprise Level SEO
Crispin Sheridan, SES Advisory Board & Sr Director of Search Marketing Strategy, SAP
Bill Hunt, SES Advisory Board & President, Back Azimuth Consulting
Ray "Catfish" Comstock, Director of SEO, BusinessOnLine
Guillaume Bouchard, Co-founder and CEO, NVI

Channel Surfing: Measuring Profit and ROI Across Channels
Adam Goldberg, Chief Innovation Officer, ClearSaleing

Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues
Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive
Kathleen Pitcher, Senior Manager, Acquisitions Marketing, Arts, Inc.
Michael Gray, Owner, Atlas Web Service

Search Marketing Toolbox
Alex Cohen, Senior Marketing Manager, ClickEquations
Mark Jackson, SEW Expert & President/CEO, VIZION Interactive

Social & the Marketing Mix
Harry J. Gold, CEO, Overdrive Interactive

Managing Your Google Reputation
Andy Beal, CEO, Trackur

Ads in a Quality Score World
Brad Geddes, Founder,
Andrew Goodman, SES Advisory Board & President, Page Zero Media

I Want It Now!
Tobias Peggs, CEO, OneRiot

Teen Entrepreneurs Give The Inside Scoop on Youth e-Marketing
Brian Wong, Founder,
Daniel Brusilovsky, Founder and Chairman, Teens in Tech Networks
Ricky Yean, Co-Founder, Conversely

Advanced Keyword Research
Ron Jones, President/CEO, Symetri Internet Marketing
Wister Walcott, Co-founder & VP of Products, Marin Software
Stacie Susens, Director of Client Strategy and Development, Resolution Media

Augmented Reality: A New World Order
Lisa Murphy, Product Marketing Manager, metaio, Inc.
Mathijs Gajentaan, CEO and Co-founder, Winvolve

The Business Value of Social Media
Chris Winfield, President, 10e20, LLC
Jessica Kornacki, Vice President of Marketing, Endless Vacation Rentals by Wyndham Worldwide
Krista Neher, CEO, Marketess

Digital Marketing & Sports
Simon Heseltine, Senior Marketing Manager, AOL Inc.
Paul Flannigan, Director of Sports, Microsoft Advertising
David Oksman, Sr. Ecommerce Manager, Reebok

Advanced Paid Search Tactics
David Rodnitzky, Founder and CEO, PPC Associates
Carole Sustak, Brand Manager, American Automobile Association

Selling Search to the C-Suite
Paul Wilson, Chief Revenue Officer, iProspect
Rich Lesperance, Director of Online Marketing, Walgreens
Vivek Chaudhuri, Director, Search Marketing, Digitas Health

Beyond the Click: What Shoppers Need Now
Noran El-Shinnawy, Internet Marketing Manager, Acquisio

B2B Lead Generation Management & CRM Integration
Crispin Sheridan, SES Advisory Board & Sr Director of Search Marketing Strategy, SAP
Jamie Smith, CEO, Engine Ready

Travel Industry Update
Benu Aggarwal, Founder & President, Milestone Internet Marketing
Todd Sarouhan, President, GoVisitCostaRica
Diana Plazas, Director, Doubletree Online Marketing, Hilton Worldwide

Conversion Conference, Thursday, August 19, 2010
Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

S1 - Getting Started With Split Testing
Brooks Bell, Brooks Bell Interactive
Lance Loveday, Closed Loop Marketing

S2 - Graphic Design for Conversion
Matt Mickiewicz - SitePoint

S4 - Ecommerce Optimization
Chris Goward, WiderFunnel

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