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Theater Presentations

These presentations take place in the Expo Hall and are free to all SES New York attendees.

Location: Americas Hall Theater

Ask Sponsored Listings

Theater Presentation - 10:30-10:50am
Techniques for Broad Match Optimization

  • Speaker:
    John Harvey Faurholt, Director, Strategic Account Management, Ask Sponsored Listings


Theater Presentation - 11:00-11:20am
Simplify your Campaign Management!

Microsoft adCenter Desktop tool provides advertisers a faster, more flexible way to manage their search campaigns. During this live demo, we'll share with you how the adCenter Desktop tool allows advertisers to manage several accounts at once, making changes offline or online, and posting them to go live when completed. Advertisers can import their Yahoo! and Google campaigns directly into the adCenter Desktop for easy campaign management between platforms. AdCenter Desktop gives users the option to make changes in the tool or provides the ability to copy and paste data into Excel to make changes, whichever you prefer.

  • Speaker:
    Yigal Elnekave, Senior Product Manager, Search Advertising Strategy, Microsoft Advertising


Theater Presentation - 11:30-11:50am
Maximizing Social Media Marketing with Custom News

Marketing with Custom Content to build SEO, Brand and Social Media efforts.

  • Speaker:
    Dan Morris, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Marin Software

Website Magazine

Theater Presentation - 12:00-12:20pm
Social Media Optimization: Tips & Tactics

Join Website Magazine for exclusive tips and tactics on how to drive more traffic to your website with Social Media. Get real examples of how to optimize your Social Media Profiles using Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, and Google Buzz. The session will also include how you can track your social media profiles and view your campaigns in Google Analytics. You'll take home the results of Website Magazine's first social media survey, metrics you can use to compare your own organization's efforts to the industry as a whole.

  • Speaker:
    Dante Monteverde, Columnist, Website Magazine


Theater Presentation - 12:30-12:50pm
Managing Multiple PPC Accounts: 5 Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

Managing multiple PPC accounts is never an easy task for agencies large or small. Acquisio knows that because we started out as an agency ourselves. In this session, Marc Poirier, CMO of Acquisio will discuss the 5 main hurdles faced by agencies and how to overcome them. In a few easy steps, we will show you how to:

• Prioritize among multiple accounts
• Set, track and, most importantly, manage by KPIs and goals
• Save valuable time automation rules to manage your bids and campaigns
• Make changes across all engines in one interface
• Produce beautiful and robust reports for your clients Cut your monthly reporting time by 90%

Designed from the ground-up for agencies, Acquisio SEARCH's advanced applications empower campaign managers by allowing them to spend less time building and launching campaigns across Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing, and spend more time on strategy and intelligent campaign refinement.

  • Speaker:
    Marc Poirier, Co-Founder & CMO, Acquisio

Theater Presentation - 1:00-1:20pm
5 Keyword-Related Traps to Avoid in B2B Search Marketing

Is your B2B search marketing strategy foolproof when it comes to keyword best practices? During this session, will share the top five tips for avoiding common B2B keyword-related traps. Join us as we unveil key insights and tactics for boosting your B2B search marketing strategy through improved keyword selection, campaign measurement and more.

  • Speakers:
    Seamus Heaney, Strategic Account Executive,
    Arkady Fridman, Director East Coast Sales,


Theater Presentation - 1:30-1:50pm
From PPC to Landing Pages: Using Messaging to Instantly Boost Campaigns

In this one-of-a-kind session, we will reveal the results of tens of millions of visitors and hundreds of thousands of conversions and explore how unique and consistent messaging can instantly boost your SEM campaign results. Using real-life examples and statistics, you will leave with fresh and cutting-edge concepts that can be implemented with ease, regardless of your campaign size or goals. From PPC ads to SEO tags, landing page headlines to button text, this session promises to be unique, memorable and ultimately profitable!

  • Speaker:
    Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO, Wpromote Inc.


Theater Presentation - 2:00-2:20pm
Five Tips for Optimizing News Releases for Search, SEO and Media

Use news to drive traffic to your Web site. Customers have found that news releases optimized for search and social media have increased traffic by up to 50 percent and sometimes more. In this session we'll take a look at a few case studies on users who have found success and offer (at least) five tips for optimizing your news content for search.

  • Speaker:
    Jiyan Wei, Product Manager, PRWeb, Vocus

Submit Express

Theater Presentation - 2:30-2:50pm
Shift Happens... SEO Alone Is Not Enough Anymore

Recent changes in the search engine industry have rewritten the rules for SEO. The basic approach is not enough to ensure that a company will rank highly for key search terms — or that this will translate to new business. Submit Express has maintained its industry-leading position by getting ahead of changes to the SEO industry. Come hear company founder and CEO Pierre Zarokian share his perspective on the ever-changing SEO landscape and how companies can adapt.

  • Speaker:
    Allen Horwitz


Theater Presentation - 3:00-3:20pm
The Top 3 Mistakes Search Marketers Make With Their Email Marketing

How much of your traffic is wasted unnecessarily? Stop leaving money on the table! Join iContact on Tuesday, March 23 at 3pm in the SES Theatre, to learn how you can easily leverage email marketing to engage and convert the maximum number of visitors to your website. Learn tips, tricks and trends that you can apply to achieve outstanding results.

  • Speaker:
    Derek Edwards, Sales Executive, iContact

Theater Presentation - 3:30-3:50pm
Remarketing: Why It's the Most Underutilized Online Marketing Technology

There's plenty of untapped opportunity for retargeting in online advertising. That is one of the key findings of joint survey of online marketing professionals by and SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization. In the world of online advertising and ad networks in particular, practices such as retargeting are immensely popular for their strong ROI. Retargeting, or remarketing, is the process of identifying and tagging visitors to specific Web sites and landing pages and then creating follow-up advertising and messaging to remind those consumers who didn't convert the first time about the original offers and opportunities. This session will examine case studies in successful remarketing.

  • Speaker:
    Daniel Yomtobian, CEO and Founder,

Bruce Clay

Theater Presentation - 4:00-4:20pm
What to Look For in an SEO Vendor

An SEO industry veteran since 1996, Bruce Clay presents guidelines for choosing a Search Engine Optimization vendor that are based on extensive experience. How can you avoid the bad apples and find an SEO consultant that is truly equipped to meet your needs? Learn how to pick an SEO vendor who will become a partner in achieving your overall Internet marketing goals.

  • Speaker:
    Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay, Inc.


Theater Presentation - 5:00-5:20pm
Top Local Search Pitfalls (and how to avoid them)

A well-optimized and -managed local search campaign can make the difference in consumers choosing your company over the competition. As new local search features are released on the major search engines, consumers are turning to local search results with greater importance, so you can no longer afford to let your business presence run on autopilot. Worse yet, if you are not seeing results after doing everything you can think of to enhance and promote your search presence, you run the risk of focusing too little effort on this area.

In this free webcast, Gregg Stewart, expert on local search marketing, will explain the common local search pitfalls that savvy and successful marketers often fall into, as well as ways these can be corrected or, better yet, avoided. Stewart's poignant tips will help you get the most out of your search marketing efforts.

If you are responsible for your company or brand's online presence or lead-generation efforts, then you cannot afford to miss this webcast from 15miles

  • Speaker:
    Gregg Stewart, Founder & President, 3rd Act Marketing

Business Online

Theater Presentation - 5:30-5:50pm
Social Media's ROI Influence on Branded Search

Are you attributing a branded keyword search to your SEO or PPC efforts? Online marketing is not just a one-channel game anymore. Consumers are no longer just going to your website to find out information. They are reading blogs, articles, reviews and visiting social media sites before they actually search your brand. In this presentation, we will present findings from client engagements that show there is a 3x higher chance of getting search traffic if the website visitor was exposed to social media. In addition, you will get insights into how you can effectively measure your social media initiatives and subsequently, optimize your marketing budget.

  • Speaker:
    Ray "Catfish" Comstock, Director of SEO, BusinessOnLine


Theater Presentation - 10:30-10:50am
Tracking Content Marketing ROI

Learn how to measure the impact of the content assets you deploy on your website and how to optimize and score content using the latest tools and technology. You'll see a live demo of the secret content toolset we've developed at ideaLaunch for client that makes SEO easy for writers and tracks the impact of content assets we create and deploy for clients. You'll also learn our unmatched process for content planning, content creation, content optimization and content performance that helps to win the war of words on the web.

  • Speaker:
    Byron White, Chief Idea Officer, ideaLaunch


Theater Presentation - 11:00-11:20am
Mobile-ize Your Business

The Internet is going mobile. Every week, tens of millions of people search on Google from their mobile phones and generate hundreds of millions of searches. You can reach these consumers while they're on-the-go directly from your AdWords account. In this presentation, we'll cover how you can leverage your AdWords expertise to develop a mobile presence. Learn about the tools that can help you drive consumer action both online and in the store and optimize your strategy for the mobile platform.

  • Speaker:
    Meredith Papp, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Ads, Google


Theater Presentation - 11:30-11:50am
What's New with Yahoo! Search Marketing?

These are exciting times in the industry - come hear what is new at Yahoo! Search Marketing and collect your free gift... see you there!

  • Speaker:
    Rob Wilk, National Director of Search Optimization & Strategy, Yahoo!, Inc.

Theater Presentation - 12:00-12:20pm
How to Select the Right SEM Management Firm

Time is of the essences when it comes to managing a business, which is why more and more companies are turning to the experts to take care of their Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Choosing the right Search Engine Marketing firm to handle your campaign can be just as important as the decision to do Search Engine Marketing. During this discussion we will explore the options of using in-house resources versus outsourcing a company to manage it. When choosing an outside company, I will discuss what you should look for, how to make the best decision, and what tools should be in place in order for your campaign to be the most successful.

  • Speaker:
    Daniel Zitofsky, Director of Sales,, Inc.

Engine Ready

Theater Presentation - 12:30-12:50pm
7 Steps to Easier and More Accurate Campaign Reporting

Do you feel like accumulating and formatting all of your campaign data into meaningful reports takes too much time and forces you to take your eye off of managing your accounts? Join us and learn some industry-proven tips on how to produce actionable reports with less time and effort and provide the information needed to drive faster and better marketing decisions.

  • Speaker:
    Jamie Smith, CEO, Strategy Analyzer LLC

LinkShare Corporation

Theater Presentation - 1:00-1:20pm
Maximize ROI Through Continuous Testing

Are you continually testing your Search Marketing campaigns to help maximize your return on investment? If not, you could be leaving thousands of dollars of revenue on the table for your competitors. In this dynamic presentation find out why you should continually test all aspects of your search marketing campaigns. Hear about real-world case studies that explain how testing uncovered significant traffic and revenue. If you campaigns are on auto-pilot or if you're unsure about the return you're getting from your Search Marketing investment - then don't miss this session. You'll get real-world practical advice you can take back to the office!

  • Speakers:
    Kim Read, Director, Search & Creative Services, LinkShare Corporation
    Erin Brown, Client Development Specialist, LinkShare Corporation


Theater Presentation - 1:30-1:50pm
How to Convert Leads into Profitable Sales Thanks to Email Marketing

Acquisition to retention : 7 rules of success. Email is the Driving Force in Marketing by providing the opportunity to nurture potential customers with relevant information and engage them actively in increasing awareness of company brand and informing them about company products or services in a cost effective way. An increasing number of these initial contacts who may have faded away without the touch provided by email, can be converted to customers over time in a cost effective manner increasing the overall marketing ROI.

  • Speaker:
    Phil Goodstein, Director of Strategic Services, Emailvision


Theater Presentation - 2:00-2:30pm
Findability and Usability: How Designing for Visibility Pays Off

Imagine spending millions coming up with an amazing product and then cloaking it for invisibility. So why is it then that so many Web sites—products themselves—are designed to be invisible to search engines, and ultimately potential customers? Findability is the first usability issue. If your site can't be found by a motivated user in search of your product or service it's WOI (Waste of Investment), opposite of ROI. So again, why are many sites cloaked? It's either lack of knowledge of search best practices or negligence on the part of creatives who believe designing for visibility somehow restricts doing great work. Rob Garner, strategy director, iCrossing will dive into how 'informed design' - based on insights gained from linguistic profiling, search data; knowing exactly where target customers are, how they're searching, speak, think, and plan - can create both a rich and engaging experience and be SEO friendly. Specifically, the presentation will focus on how building a Web site for search from the ground up - by incorporating market research and natural search strategy into the Web design and development process - can deliver solid results.

  • Speaker:
    Rob Garner, Chief Strategy Officer, Advice Interactive Group

Marin Software

Theater Presentation - 2:30-2:50pm
ROI-based Campaign Management - Optimization Beyond the Bid

Intelligent search marketers are increasingly focusing on quality score as a means to reduce cost per click, improve click-through rates, and drive higher ROI. During this session, Marin Software will review key techniques to improve quality score, relevancy, and resulting traffic. Topics will include ideas and tips for optimizing campaign structure, creative testing, and expanding keywords and negatives.

  • Speaker:
    Matt Lawson, Director, Performance Ads Marketing, Google

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