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SES New York Speakers

Learn from the experts! Our list of speakers will grow as names are added to the agenda. Read our guidelines and helpful hints to find out more about Speaking at SES.


David Meerman Scott David Meerman Scott
Acclaimed Marketing Strategist & Best Selling Author,
Avinash Kaushik Avinash Kaushik
Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google
Yusuf Mehdi Yusuf Mehdi
Senior Vice President of the Online Audience Business, Bing
Benu Aggarwal Benu Aggarwal
Founder & President, Milestone Internet Marketing
Jonathan Allen Jonathan Allen
Director, Search Engine Watch
Tim Ash Tim Ash
Andy Atkins-Krüger Andy Atkins-Krüger
Managing Director, WebCertain
Adam Audette Adam Audette
Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG
Daron Babin Daron Babin
CEO, Webmaster Radio
Matthew Bailey Matthew Bailey
President, Site Logic Marketing
Seth Besmertnik Seth Besmertnik
CEO, Conductor, Inc.
Thomas Bindl Thomas Bindl
Founder & CEO, Refined Labs GmbH
Henry Blodget Henry Blodget
CEO & Editor-In Chief, The Business Insider
Jonathan Blum Jonathan Blum
Founder and Co-Host, The Sports Circuit
Jordan Blum Jordan Blum
Chris Boggs Chris Boggs
Founder, Web Traffic Advisors
Brian Bowman Brian Bowman
Chief Marketing Officer,
Jessica Bowman Jessica Bowman
Jim Boykin Jim Boykin
CEO and Link Building Ninja, Internet Marketing Ninjas
Scott Brinker Scott Brinker
President & Chief Technology Officer, ion interactive
Erika D. Brown Erika D. Brown
EVP Corporate Strategy, Digital Media Practice, Frost & Sullivan
Erin Brown Erin Brown
Client Development Specialist, LinkShare Corporation
Matthew J. Brown Matthew J. Brown
Director of Search Strategy, New York Times Company
Lisa Buyer Lisa Buyer
President & CEO, The Buyer Group
Mel Carson Mel Carson
Founder and Principal Strategy Consultant, Delightful Communications
Christine Churchill Christine Churchill
President, KeyRelevance
Bruce Clay Bruce Clay
President, Bruce Clay, Inc.
Josh Cobb Josh Cobb
Sr. Director, Americas | Business Development & Partnerships Group, Yahoo!
Shawn Collins Shawn Collins
Co-Founder, Affiliate Summit
Ray Ray "Catfish" Comstock
Director of SEO, BusinessOnLine
Dave Cook Dave Cook
Sr. Director, Marketing, TheFind
Larry  Cornett Larry Cornett
VP, Consumer Products, Yahoo! Search
Todd Crawford Todd Crawford
Co-founder, Impact Radius
Craig Danuloff Craig Danuloff
Founder and President, ClickEquations Inc.
Stoney deGeyter Stoney deGeyter
President, Pole Position Marketing
Katharine Dempsey Katharine Dempsey
Senior Director of Lead Generation, Pepperjam Network
Gini Dietrich Gini Dietrich
Founder & CEO, Arment Dietrich, Inc
Fionn Downhill Fionn Downhill
VP of Strategy, SyCara Inc.
Mark Drummond Mark Drummond
CEO, Wowd, Inc.
Bryan Eisenberg Bryan Eisenberg
NYTimes Bestselling Author,
Jeffrey Eisenberg Jeffrey Eisenberg
Partner, Eisenberg Brothers & Associates
Mona Elesseily Mona Elesseily
VP Online Marketing Strategy, Page Zero Media
Yigal Elnekave Yigal Elnekave
Senior Product Manager, Search Advertising Strategy, Microsoft Advertising
Noran El-Shinnawy Noran El-Shinnawy
Director of Marketing, Onestop
Jared Eng Jared Eng
Editor-In-Chief and Founder,
Liana Evans Liana Evans
Author and Co-Founder & CEO, LiBeck Integrated Marketing
Allison Fabella Allison Fabella
Global Director, SEO, CareerBuilder
Tracy Falke Tracy Falke
Director of Content, Search, Social Media & Emerging Technology, Powershift Media Group
Dana Farbo Dana Farbo
President, Imano / acrossair
Kathleen Fealy Kathleen Fealy
President / Web Strategist Consultant / Certified Usability Analyst, KF Multimedia & Web, Inc.
Jeff Ferguson Jeff Ferguson
CEO, Fang Digital
Veronica Fielding Veronica Fielding
CEO, Digital Brand Expressions
Peter Figueredo Peter Figueredo
CEO, NETexponent
Rand Fishkin Rand Fishkin
Todd Friesen Todd Friesen
SEO Director, Salesforce
Bianca Gardner Bianca Gardner
Associate Media Director, Digital Activation, Horizon Media
Rob Garner Rob Garner
Chief Strategy Officer, Advice Interactive Group
Brad Geddes Brad Geddes
Founder, Certified Knowledge
Ethan Giffin Ethan Giffin
CEO, Groove Commerce
Jeff Gillis Jeff Gillis
Product Team, Google Analytics
Maura Ginty Maura Ginty
Senior Manager, Global Web Content, Autodesk
Harry J. Gold Harry J. Gold
CEO, Overdrive Interactive
Adam Goldberg Adam Goldberg
Chief Innovation Officer, ClearSaleing
Andrew Goodman Andrew Goodman
ClickZ Live Advisor & President, Page Zero Media
Eli Goodman Eli Goodman
Media Evangelist, comScore, Inc.
Phil Goodstein Phil Goodstein
Director of Strategic Services, Emailvision
Maura Goodwin Maura Goodwin
Senior Director of Advertiser Development, Pepperjam Network
Katrina Gosek Katrina Gosek
Market Lead, Endeca Technologies
Peter van der Graaf Peter van der Graaf
Search Strategist, Search Specialist
Mike Grehan Mike Grehan
CMO & Managing Director, Acronym
Dax Hamman Dax Hamman
Chief Strategy Officer & Founding Member, Chango
Beth Harte Beth Harte
Sr. Subject Matter Expert, Digital Marketing , Serengeti Communications
Simon Heseltine Simon Heseltine
Senior Director of Audience Development, AOL Inc.
Brad Hill Brad Hill
Director, Weblogs, Inc. / AOL
Rae Hoffman Rae Hoffman
CEO, Outspoken Media
Eleanor Hong Eleanor Hong
Lead Editor, SEO,
Bill Hunt Bill Hunt
President, Back Azimuth Consulting
Motoko Hunt Motoko Hunt
President, AJPR
Patricia Hursh Patricia Hursh
President, SmartSearch Marketing
Mark Jackson Mark Jackson
SEW Expert & President/CEO, VIZION Interactive
Greg Jarboe Greg Jarboe
President & Co-founder, SEO-PR
Dr. Horst Joepen Dr. Horst Joepen
CEO, Searchmetrics
Zac Johnson Zac Johnson
CEO, Money Reign
Dixon Jones Dixon Jones
Marketing Director, Majestic
Jeff Jones Jeff Jones
Senior Product Manager, gShift Labs
Kristopher B. Jones Kristopher B. Jones
Chairman, Internet Marketing Ninjas
Michael C. Jones Michael C. Jones
Chief Administrative Officer, Pepperjam Network
Robyn Jones Robyn Jones
Senior Director of Publisher Services, Pepperjam Network
Jeremi Karnell Jeremi Karnell
Co-Founder & President, One to One Interactive
Kate Kaye Kate Kaye
Senior Editor, ClickZ News
Terrence Kelleman Terrence Kelleman
President/Designer, Dynomighty Design
Anne F. Kennedy Anne F. Kennedy
President, Author and International Speaker, Outlines Venture Group
Rob Key Rob Key
CEO, Converseon
Chris Knoch Chris Knoch
Director of SEM Consulting, Omniture
Mark Knowles Mark Knowles
President & CEO, Pixelsilk, Inc.
Topher Kohan Topher Kohan
Senior Search Scientist, Rockfish
Thomas Koletas Thomas Koletas
SVP Ad Programs, Madison Logic
Cindy Krum Cindy Krum
Founder & CEO, MobileMoxie
Joe Laratro Joe Laratro
SEO Professor, University of San Francisco/ Bisk
Matt Lawson Matt Lawson
Director, Performance Ads Marketing, Google
Jennifer Evans Laycock Jennifer Evans Laycock
Social Media Strategist,
Bill Leake Bill Leake
President and CEO, Apogee Search
Kevin Lee Kevin Lee
Founder & CEO, Didit
Brian Lewis Brian Lewis
CEO, Solutions-insight Interactive
Sage Lewis Sage Lewis
Rebecca Lieb Rebecca Lieb
Search Authority and Author, The Truth About Search Engine Optimization
Anthony Long Anthony Long
Director of SEO, AOL , LLC
Mari Luangrath Mari Luangrath
Head Cupcakeologist / Owner, Foiled Cupcakes
Craig Macdonald Craig Macdonald
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Covario
Melissa Mackey Melissa Mackey
Search Supervisor, gyro
Paul Madden Paul Madden
Operations Director, LinkRisk
Nitin Mangtani Nitin Mangtani
Senior Product Manager, Google Inc.
John Marshall John Marshall
SES Advisory Board & CTO, Market Motive
Michael Martin Michael Martin
Senior SEO Strategist, Covario
Debra Mastaler Debra Mastaler
President, Alliance-Link
Cheryl Max Cheryl Max
Director, Corporate Functional Capabilities, IBM
Matt McGowan Matt McGowan
Advisor, Incisive Media
Mark McMaster Mark McMaster
Senior Planner, B2B Markets, Google
Jonathan Mendez Jonathan Mendez
Founder & CEO, Yieldbot
Justin Merickel Justin Merickel
Vice President, Marketing & New Product Development, Efficient Frontier
David Miller David Miller
Director, Product Management, Yahoo!
Dennis R. Mortensen Dennis R. Mortensen
Director of Data Insights, Yahoo!
Michael Mothner Michael Mothner
Founder & CEO, Wpromote Inc.
Graham Mudd Graham Mudd
Vice President, Search & Media, comScore, Inc.
Robert Murray Robert Murray
CEO, iProspect
Jon Myers Jon Myers
VP & Managing Director EMEA, Marin Software
Christopher Nash Christopher Nash
Patricia Neuray Patricia Neuray
Vice President of Sales,
Lee Odden Lee Odden
CEO, TopRank Online Marketing
Maile Ohye Maile Ohye
Developer Programs Tech Lead, Google
Howard Ogden Howard Ogden
Founder, Augment Reality
Nick Pahade Nick Pahade
President, True Action
Joshua Palau Joshua Palau
VP, Search, Razorfish
Jeremy Palmer Jeremy Palmer
CEO, Quit Your Day Job
Meredith Papp Meredith Papp
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Ads, Google
Rachel Pasqua Rachel Pasqua
VP, Mobile, iCrossing
Brent Payne Brent Payne
CEO, Loud Interactive
Paul Pellman Paul Pellman
CEO, Click Forensics, Inc.
Dina Pradel Dina Pradel
Director, Marketing, StyleFeeder, Inc.
Prashant Puri Prashant Puri
CEO & Co-Founder,
Stewart Quealy Stewart Quealy
SES Advisory Board & VP, Content Development, SES Conference & Expo
Jeff Quipp Jeff Quipp
Founder and CEO, Search Engine People Inc
Robyn Raybould Robyn Raybould
Group Manager, Premium Account Service Group, Microsoft Advertising
Kim Read Kim Read
Director, Search & Creative Services, LinkShare Corporation
Leslie Reiser Leslie Reiser
Program Director for Interactive Marketing, IBM
Wil Reynolds Wil Reynolds
Founder, SEER Interactive
Sarah Ivey Rock Sarah Ivey Rock
Search Marketing Manager, AOL Living
Caroline Rodehau Caroline Rodehau
Publisher, New York Girl Style LLC
Zach Rodgers Zach Rodgers
Managing Editor, ClickZ News
Oliver Roup Oliver Roup
Founder & CEO, VigLink
Mark Ryan Mark Ryan
VP of Technology and Optimization, Extractable
Rhian Ryan Rhian Ryan
Sr. Online Marketing Analyst, Earthbound Media Group
Ingrid Sanders Ingrid Sanders
Director, AdAdvisor, TARGUSinfo
Ian Schafer Ian Schafer
CEO, Deep Focus
Erica Schmidt Erica Schmidt
SES Advisory Board & Global Search Director, iProspect
Jason Shulman Jason Shulman
Chief Revenue Officer, [x+1]
Rachel Scotto Rachel Scotto
Metrics Strategy Consultant, Sony Pictures
William (Bill) Scully William (Bill) Scully
Chairperson, SEMPO In-house Comm. & Director E-Marketing, Siemens Water Technologies Corp.
John Shehata John Shehata
Executive Director, Search, ABC News
Crispin Sheridan Crispin Sheridan
Vice President, Digital Scale & Operations, SAP Experience
Adam Sherk Adam Sherk
Search and PR Strategist, Define Search Strategies / The New York Times Co.
Lauren Sherman Lauren Sherman
Editor, Fashionista
Richard Sim Richard Sim
VP of Product Management and Marketing, Anchor Intelligence
Baljeet Singh Baljeet Singh
Senior Product Manager, YouTube & Google Content Network
Tom Sipple Tom Sipple
Vice President, /
Jennifer Slegg Jennifer Slegg
CEO, JenSense
Jamie Smith Jamie Smith
CEO, Strategy Analyzer LLC
Sarah Smith Sarah Smith
Manager, Online Sales, North America, Facebook
Rob Snell Rob Snell
Partner, Snell Brothers
Dave Snyder Dave Snyder
SVP of Search, Blueglass
David Sprinkle David Sprinkle
Chief Analytics Officer, Acronym
Michael Stebbins Michael Stebbins
CEO, Founder, Market Motive
Michael Stone Michael Stone
Vice President, Sales & Strategy, Wpromote Inc.
Wendi Sturgis Wendi Sturgis
VP, N. America BD and Partnership Group, Yahoo!
David Szetela David Szetela
Author, Speaker and Consultant,
Brett Tabke Brett Tabke
CEO, WebmasterWorld Inc
Marcus Tandler Marcus Tandler
CEO/Partner, Tandler.Doerje
Hollis Thomases Hollis Thomases
Shari Thurow Shari Thurow
Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive
Bob Tripathi Bob Tripathi
Founder, Instant E-Training
Dana Todd Dana Todd
CMO, Aftermath
Brian Ussery Brian Ussery
SEO Consultant, BEUssery LLC
Tim Waddell Tim Waddell
Director of Product Marketing, Omniture
Frederick Vallaeys Frederick Vallaeys
Founder and CEO, Top Tier Inc.
Matt Van Wagner Matt Van Wagner
President, Find Me Faster
Adam Viener Adam Viener
Chairman and Founder, imwave
Wister Walcott Wister Walcott
Co-founder & VP of Products, Marin Software
Amanda Watlington Amanda Watlington
Owner, Searching for Profit
Frank Watson Frank Watson
CEO, Kangamurra Media
Susan Weinschenk Susan Weinschenk
Chief of User Experience Strategy, Human Factors International
Marty Weintraub Marty Weintraub
Founder & Evangelist, aimClear
Stefan Weitz Stefan Weitz
Director, Bing
Byron White Byron White
Chief Idea Officer, ideaLaunch
Rob Wilk Rob Wilk
National Director of Search Optimization & Strategy, Yahoo!
Brad Wilson Brad Wilson
Founder, Brad's Deals
Paul Wilson Paul Wilson
Chief Revenue Officer, iProspect
Tony Wright Tony Wright
CEO, WrightIMC
Mike Yacovone Mike Yacovone
Partner, Clarecast
Daniel Zitofsky Daniel Zitofsky
Director of Sales,, Inc.
Richard Zwicky Richard Zwicky
Chairman, BlueGlass

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