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SES New York 2010 Agenda - Conference Day 1

Tuesday, March 23
7:30-5:30pm Registration
8:00-9:00am Morning Coffee
9:00-10:15am SES Keynote: David Meerman Scott

Conference Welcome & Opening Keynote
The New Rules of Marketing and PR
For decades, marketers have relied on buying expensive advertising and begging the media and analysts for coverage. We interrupted "prospects" with our egotistical "messages," in the hopes of generating interest from buyers (who usually ignored us anyway).

The web has profoundly changed the rules. Smart marketers now communicate with buyers through content rich Web sites, blogs, YouTube videos, ebooks, and other online media that buyers actually want to consume.

Learn how to leverage the potential that Web-based communication offers. A step-by-step action plan for harnessing the power of the new rules of marketing and PR will be provided, showing how to identify audiences, create compelling stories and ideas, get those stories and ideas to the most consumers possible, and lead those consumers directly into the buying process. Told with many case studies and real-world examples, this a practical discussion about the new reality of PR and marketing.

  • Keynote Speaker:
    David Meerman Scott, Acclaimed Marketing Strategist & Best Selling Author,

Learn from David how to generate global buzz.
Register for his free on demand webcast ›

10:15-10:45am Grand Opening of the Expo Hall (open 10:00-6:45pm)

Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Search Fundamentals
Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
This session will provide a clear and concise overview of the key concepts involved in search engine marketing. Who are the major search engines, and how can you best optimize them to gain "natural" or "organic" traffic without cost? Learn how to achieve top ranking or placement by utilizing search engine advertising opportunities. This is a must-attend basic session for anyone new to Search Engine Strategies events.

  • Introduction by:
    Bill Hunt, President, Back Azimuth Consulting
  • Solo presentation by:
    Jessica Bowman, CEO,

Beyond the Crawlers
Digital Asset Optimization
Search result multiplicity is not a new phenomenon, but recent advancements guarantee that the world of search and marketing will be changing forever. How do the new "blended" search results pages affect your marketing strategy? Do these changes mean that the major search engines are eager to keep the "second click" on web properties owned by themselves? How popular are the new blended search results with users?

  • Moderator:
    Richard Zwicky, Chairman, BlueGlass
  • Speakers:
    Josh Cobb, Sr. Director, Americas | Business Development & Partnerships Group, Yahoo!
    Chris Boggs, Founder, Web Traffic Advisors
    Mark Knowles, President & CEO, Pixelsilk, Inc.
    Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Online Marketing

Search Analytics Unica
Introduction to Analytics
Cut to the chase! Use analytics tools to get the specific answers you need about your search marketing campaign's economic performance, your users' on-site behaviors, and how to look for major red flags in traffic patterns. This slate of experts will keep you focused rather than poring through hundreds of pages of meaningless statistics.

  • Introduction by:
    Jeff Ferguson, CEO, Fang Digital
  • Solo presentation by:
    John Marshall, SES Advisory Board & CTO, Market Motive

The State of Search
Search: Where to Next?
It's been said that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. And almost everyone likes to speculate about the future. When it comes to search marketing, none are better at it than our veteran panel of industry insiders. Join us for an illuminating discussion as we peek into the next generation of digital marketing and predict what search might look like in the following five to ten years. What should be on your search radar for 2010 and beyond? Does the key to the future of search lie in personalization? Do social networks herald the end of search? Certain industry pundits have even been heard to say that SEO is dead. The future is coming. Are you ready for it?

  • Moderator:
    Graham Mudd, Vice President, Search & Media, comScore, Inc.
  • Speakers:
    Stefan Weitz, Director, Bing
    Brett Tabke, CEO, WebmasterWorld Inc
    Robert Murray, CEO, iProspect
    Larry Cornett, VP, Consumer Products, Yahoo! Search

Search on the Edge
How to Become a Link Magnet
Some people just have to sit at a keyboard and type for ten minutes. Some people spend a little time mashing up a video. And some people develop a cool tool or app. What happens next? They become link magnets.

In search marketing, where content is still king, we've talked about how to make your web site a link a magnet. But with social media and personal branding, developing a great presence online can turn you personally into a link magnet. Some people have. Thousands want it.

How can you develop your personal brand so that you only have to mouth an opinion and a gazillion links follow? Andy Warhol once suggested that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. And social media is certainly making that little prediction come true.

Find out from a panel of experts how you can have your (metaphorical) 15 minutes of fame, become a link magnet and dominate search engines.

  • Moderator:
    Greg Jarboe, President & Co-founder, SEO-PR
  • Speakers:
    Rand Fishkin, CEO,
    Jennifer Slegg, CEO, JenSense
    Aaron Kahlow, CEO & Founder, Online Marketing Institute
11:45-12:45pm Networking Lunch in America's Hall 2

Networking Workshop - Invite Only
Introduction to Facebook Ads
With over 400 million users worldwide and unprecedented targeting capabilities, Facebook gives you a unique opportunity to efficiently connect with your customers before they even search for your products. In this detailed overview of Ads and Pages, you will learn all about Facebook's product offerings and audience breakdown. We will teach you how to best use Facebook's robust targeting system to pinpoint the perfect audience for your ads and share best practices from previous campaigns. This workshop is ideal for individuals who are just beginning to advertise on Facebook.

  • Speaker:
    Sarah Smith, Manager, Online Sales, North America, Facebook


Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Search Fundamentals
Successful Information Architecture
This session will provide a fresh look at how to successfully architect your site for search engines and how specific page elements and design technologies may impact your ability to gain good organic listings. The speakers will cover topics such as directory and file structure, server-side includes (SSIs), 404 error trapping, JavaScript, robots.txt use, frames, secure area usage, and much more. If time allows, volunteers from the audience will have their sites examined to see how changes could be made to their site architecture and design to increase search engine traffic.

  • Moderator:
    Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG
  • Speakers:
    Shari Thurow, Founder & SEO Director, Omni Marketing Interactive
    Kristjan Mar Hauksson, COO, SMFB Engine
    Kimberly Krause Berg, Founder, Cre8pc

Beyond the Crawlers
Post Mortem: Banned Site Forensics
It's pretty hard to get 'accidentally' banned by Google these days. Either someone reports your site for a borderline technique or you are knowingly pushing the boundaries and trigger a flag with the engines. In both cases, there is intent.

In this presentation, the speakers will share the most "mortal" sins, and those that generally fall in the "forgivable" category. They will share what tools to use to assess your situation and provide useful analysis scripts. The session will end with a sample of an effective re-inclusion letter and best practices for getting re-included in the index

  • Moderator:
    Adam Goldberg, Chief Innovation Officer, ClearSaleing
  • Speakers:
    Rand Fishkin, CEO,
    Michael Stebbins, CEO, Founder, Market Motive


Sponsored Session
Achieving Success with Improved Ads Quality
The AdWords system works best for everybody when the ads we display match our users' needs as closely as possible. Relevant ads tend to earn more clicks, appear in a higher position, have a higher quality score and bring you the most success. In this session, the Ads Quality Product Marketing Manager will discuss what Ads Quality is, how it impacts you as an advertiser, and what you can do to improve your quality.

The State of Search
SEO Performance Marketing: Paid Search is Accountable So Why Not SEO?
Every successful sales driven organization has performance targets. Further, almost every sales organization has performance targets and stretch goals for their sales team, and the bonuses marketing receives are often directly tied to the organization reaching those goals. In search, PPC is a performance driven sales channel, so why not SEO?

This panel will examine the question as to whether or not SEO's are compensated based on performance, and will look at how some are, and why some are not. In examining the strategy of tying SEO Performance Marketing, panelists will cover what parts of SEO can be tied to a performance model, and what should clients demand, and agencies promise?

  • Moderator:
    John Marshall, SES Advisory Board & CTO, Market Motive
  • Speakers:
    Seth Besmertnik, CEO, Conductor, Inc.
    Richard Zwicky, Chairman, BlueGlass
    Craig Macdonald, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Covario

Search on the Edge
Managing a Global SEO Campaign
As the world becomes smaller and search marketing becomes more complex, the era of "ranking well in Google" is over. This is especially true for companies who are targeting multiple markets or countries. This new opportunity also brings many new complexities to be considered other than standard SEO. This session tackles these key issues critical to successfully developing, optimizing, and managing the global campaigns that will meet those next generation marketing goals, without losing control or your mind.

  • Moderator:
    Anne F. Kennedy, President, Author and International Speaker, Outlines Venture Group
  • Speakers:
    Motoko Hunt, President, AJPR
    Andy Atkins-Krüger, Managing Director, WebCertain
    Dr. Horst Joepen, CEO, Searchmetrics
    Erica Schmidt, SES Advisory Board & Global Search Director, iProspect
    Maura Ginty, Senior Manager, Global Web Content, Autodesk

1:45-2:00pm Session Interval

Keynote Panel
Search Marketing: Analyze This
The fabric of the Web is quietly being transformed. With the proliferation of real-time search, social networks, online video, mobile applications and new devices such as the iPad, the digital landscape is shifting and creating massive new business opportunities.

Despite the financial crisis, organizations are hungrier than ever to innovate and eager to embrace the new rules for business success.

Consider this session a wake-up call not just for your week but also for your year. Our ensemble of industry experts will weigh in on everything from the next phase of search to the rebirth of a subscription model for content and monetization issues. You can't afford to miss the insights and expertise as our panel of thought leaders consult their crystal balls for the ever important future technology scan and expose the next wave of cutting edge investment opportunities.

  • Moderator:
    Henry Blodget, CEO & Editor-In Chief, The Business Insider
  • Speakers:
    Erika D. Brown, EVP Corporate Strategy, Digital Media Practice, Frost & Sullivan
    Jonathan Blum, Founder and Co-Host, The Sports Circuit
    Brad Hill, Director, Weblogs, Inc. / AOL

3:00-3:30pm Afternoon Break on the Expo Floor

Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Search Fundamentals
Link Building Basics
Discover how search engines rely on link analysis as an important component for ranking web pages. You will also learn how to increase traffic to your site by building quality links in an appropriate manner.

  • Introduction by:
    Dixon Jones, Marketing Director, Majestic
  • Solo presentation by:
    Debra Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link

Beyond the Crawlers
Pushing Content via XML, RSS & Site Maps
Not yet running a blog? Not syndicating your content through web feeds? Then you're missing out on an important area that can help your overall SEO efforts. Learn more about the unique advantages blogs and feeds offer to search engine optimization.

  • Moderator:
    Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Online Marketing
  • Speakers:
    Amanda Watlington, Owner, Searching for Profit
    Daron Babin, CEO, Webmaster Radio
    Brian Ussery, SEO Consultant, BEUssery LLC

Search Analytics Unica
Meaningful SEO Metrics: Going Beyond the Numbers
As knowledge of SEO practices moves from the offices of the optimizers to the board room, the standard metrics used by the practitioners of this former dark art are straining under the weight of the all powerful bottom line. The days when upper management was impressed by subtle changes in Page Rank have been replaced by questions of LTV and ROI. As more resources are being dedicated to creating the perfectly optimized and keyword rich landing page, C-level executives are demanding proof of the return they are receiving from these resources. This panel will discuss a myriad of ways to move beyond Page Rank, indexed pages or linked sites and into metrics that can make you a hero and, better still, get your budget increased to a respectable level.

  • Moderator:
    John Marshall, SES Advisory Board & CTO, Market Motive
  • Speakers:
    Dennis R. Mortensen, Director of Data Insights, Yahoo!
    Richard Zwicky, Chairman, BlueGlass
    Jeff Ferguson, CEO, Fang Digital
    Ray "Catfish" Comstock, Director of SEO, BusinessOnLine


Sponsored Session
10 Things To Supercharge Your SEM Campaigns in 2010
From PPC to organic SEO, social media to landing page testing and optimization, this session is designed to give users — from beginners to experts — real, actionable tips, strategies and secrets to get more out of your online marketing efforts in 2010. Learn how to obtain free leads from Facebook, grow your PPC results without spending a dollar more, and how to boost your conversion rates of forms and carts with changes that take just minutes. Filled with real-life examples, case studies and statistics, this can't miss session promises to inform and entertain, and is brought to you by the #1 Ranked SEM Firm Worldwide as ranked by

  • Speakers:
    Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO, Wpromote Inc.
    Michael Stone, Vice President, Sales & Strategy, Wpromote Inc.

Search on the Edge
From Real-Time Search to Dynamic Discovery
Search engines have been increasing the frequency of indexing of the most active sites for some time and now we're beginning to get some visibility of just how fresh the results are; for example through Google's "show options". Others like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are indexing instant submissions. In this session we look at how near real time information is being used to offer a fresh and relevant experience for both music and recruitment. We also look at what happens when the development of TV devices allows us to use web-based technology to deliver services to the television. Can we just apply all our Search expertise to the TV? Or does the entertainment focus and living room context of the TV require a different approach? How do we apply SEO to the TV? Does real-time indexing help here?

  • Moderator:
    Mike Grehan, CMO & Managing Director, Acronym
  • Speakers:
    Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead, Google
    Mark Drummond, CEO, Wowd, Inc.
    Larry Cornett, VP, Consumer Products, Yahoo! Search

4:30-4:45pm Session Interval

Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Search Fundamentals
Developing Great Content
Without meaningful content and compelling copy, your website is not grabbing the attention it deserves. In this session, we'll explore a diverse range of Web content development strategies along with innovative techniques for dramatically boosting the visibility and interactive appeal of your site. From SEO copywriting tips that encourage consumers to click to persuasive design strategies that turn browsers into buyers, it's all about improving the end user's experience through superior content.

  • Moderator:
    Matthew Bailey, President, Site Logic Marketing
  • Speakers:
    Wendi Sturgis, VP, N. America BD and Partnership Group, Yahoo!
    Byron White, Chief Idea Officer, ideaLaunch
    Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO, SuccessWorks
    Jonathan Allen, Director, Search Engine Watch


Sponsored Session
Getting the Most Out of AdWords Features & Tools
Get a comprehensive overview of Google AdWords' latest features and tools that can help you save time managing campaigns, increase the quality traffic your ads are receiving, and get better results from your ad spend. The AdWords Product Marketing Manager will teach you tips and tricks you can use immediately as you explore the opportunities tab, custom alerts, data segmentation and other new features. You will also learn more about bidding tools such as Conversion Optimizer and bid simulator that can help you bid more intelligently and increase your advertising ROI.

Search Analytics Unica
Deep Dive Into Analytics: When Bounce Rate No Longer Floats Your Boat
Once you have the fundamentals of Web Analytics under control it's time to take the next step into Deep Dive Analytics. It's all about answering specific business questions using your web analytics data to drive tactical and strategic decision making. This session will provide you with all of the essentials to get down and dirty with your data.

  • Moderator:
    Jeffrey Eisenberg, Partner, Eisenberg Brothers & Associates
  • Speakers:
    Jeff Gillis, Product Team, Google Analytics
    Chris Knoch, Director of SEM Consulting, Omniture
    David Sprinkle, Chief Analytics Officer, Acronym

The State of Search
Search & the Integrated Marketing Mix
Search does not exist in a vacuum. In fact, research shows that offline channels drive users to search to the tune of 67%. Obviously search marketers have a huge opportunity to leverage offline channels to drive search. But are search marketers finally catching on? Are they even aware of the relationship between other marketing channels and their own? Are they actually coordinating or integrating their search efforts with their other channels, and if so, which ones? For that matter, what integration techniques are they using? And more importantly, if they aren't integrating, why not? This session will cover the extent to which search efforts are integrated with a variety of offline marketing channels; the big disconnect between search marketer strategy and search user behavior, the specific search marketing and integration techniques in use today, and obstacles to the integration process.

  • Moderator:
    Tim Waddell, Director of Product Marketing, Omniture
  • Speakers:
    Bill Leake, President and CEO, Apogee Search
    Mike Yacovone, Partner, Clarecast
    Wister Walcott, Co-founder & VP of Products, Marin Software
    Jon Myers, VP & Managing Director EMEA, Marin Software

Search on the Edge
Augmented Reality: It's a Brave New World
User migration to a mobile environment is driven not only by information and communications requirements, but also a host of applications that are useful, quirky, or just plain fun. App developers and experts explain how these apps hook users, demonstrate their rapid growth trajectory, and explore what might be in store for the future.

  • Moderator:
    Chris Winfield, CMO, BlueGlass
  • Speakers:
    Cindy Krum, Founder & CEO, MobileMoxie
    Dana Farbo, President, Imano / acrossair
    Rachel Pasqua, VP, Mobile, iCrossing
    Howard Ogden, Founder, Augment Reality
    Tom Sipple, Vice President, /

5:45-6:45pm BingNetworking Cocktail Reception in the Expo Hall
7:00-8:30pm SEMPOSEMPO Annual MeetingClickable

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