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SES Search Engine Marketing (SEM/SEO) Training

Friday, August 14, 2009
7:30am-8:00am Continental Breakfast
8:00am-12:00pm Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Workshop Real Big Ideas for Real Small Businesses YouTube and Video Marketing Workshop
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch Break
1:00pm-5:00pm Managing Complex Search Programs Getting Fluent in Search Marketing: A Fast-Track for Senior Managers Mobile Marketing 101
Participants may register for training in addition to the SES San Jose conference or independently, as workshops take place on the Friday after the event.

These workshops provide the practices, applications, and hands-on exposure you need to become (and remain!) a top performer in your field. This in-depth training in a small class setting ensures that your instructor is accessible for informal one-on-one or small group discussions. Whether you are a consultant, site designer, website owner, or in-house marketing professional, this is an opportunity to experience firsthand the latest developments in search engine strategy. Regardless where you are in the SEO & SEM process, you will leave these intensive workshops with the necessary skills to improve your business results and take your search engine marketing to another level.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Workshop
Training type:SEO Training
Instructors:Shari Thurow, Omni Marketing Interactive

A search-engine friendly Web site is a user-friendly, search-friendly, and persuasive site that converts visitors into buyers. In order for a site to be search-engine friendly, it must meet the terms and conditions set forth by the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc.) Additionally, the site must satisfy the needs of site visitors.


Description: (continued)

Ultimately, the site must be profitable for the Web site owner. Can a single site satisfy all of these groups? This workshop will demonstrate that these skills are essential for building a user-friendly, search-friendly, and persuasive site that converts visitors into buyers.

Who should attend?

Anyone who promotes Web sites as part of their work should attend this workshop! Web marketers should understand all parts of a search marketing campaign - optimization, shopping search, paid inclusion, and pay-per-click solutions.

For new and experienced marketers:
Whether you are a new marketer or a seasoned veteran, this workshop will help you take your campaigns to the next level of effectiveness.

For new and experienced web designers:
Minimize advertising expenses by creating search-friendly and cost-effective site designs. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls early in the design process.

Attendees may come from many different industries, including:

  • Web site designers and developers
  • eCommerce
  • Business development
  • Web site usability
  • Direct marketing
  • Media buying
  • Affiliates
  • Public relations
  • Web analysts
  • Sales and marketing consultants
  • Non-profit agencies
  • Or any job that requires site development and promotion

Many search engine marketing speakers are new to the industry or merely repeat information disseminated by more experienced professionals. Why learn search-friendly design from speakers who do not design for a living? Learn from the leading industry expert on search-friendly and user-friendly interfaces in the field of search engine marketing.

  • Build a Web site that satisfies both your site's visitors AND the search engines
  • Design do's and don'ts
  • Successful Web site information architecture - learn what search engine marketers don't know
  • Avoid costly copywriting and design mistakes
  • Link development research: tips and tools
  • Learn proven techniques and strategies for long-term results

Understanding search engines:

  • The major search engines and how they work
  • Anatomy of search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Types of search engine marketing
  • Questions and answers

Understanding search engines/SEO:

  • Defining the full SEO process:
    • Keyword analysis
    • Site optimization
    • Submission
    • Monitoring - managing expectations
  • Web positioning vs. Web analytics software
  • Questions and answers

SEO Process - Site architecture and page design:

  • Site architecture vs. page design (interface)
  • Why architecture and design are important for search engine visibility
  • Components of an optimized site:
    • Site navigation schemes
    • Other types of page links
    • Types of Web pages and how to optimize them
    • Web address
  • Questions and answers

SEO Process - Link development:

  • What is popularity?
  • Why link development is important for search engine visibility
  • Characteristics of effective link development
  • Competitive link development strategies
  • Submission guidelines
  • Questions and answers
About the Instructor
Shari Thurow Shari Thurow
Founder & SEO Director
Omni Marketing Interactive

Shari Thurow is the founder and SEO director at Omni Marketing Interactive, a full-service SEO, website usability, information architecture, and web design firm. She has designed and promoted web sites since 1995, and is outsourced to many firms worldwide. Her clients include Yahoo!, Microsoft, America Online, ABC News, HSBC, Expedia, Deloitte and Touche, National Cancer Institute, and WebMD. As a pioneer in the area of search engine-friendly website design, she has a 100% success rate for getting clients’ sites ranked at the top of search engines. She is the author of Search Engine Visibility and When Search Meets Web Usability.

Real Big Ideas for Real Small Businesses
Training type:Search Engine Marketing Training
Instructor:Jennifer Evans Laycock, SiteLogic

As the economy continues to falter, consumers and businesses are tightening their belts. That means less money being spent by consumers and less money available to marketers to reach them. For small businesses on tight budgets, the inability to advertise can be the kiss of death. But for small businesses with a bit of creativity and an understanding of online marketing, the Internet can be a lucrative launch point.


Who should attend?

This workshop is for small business owners and the marketers who work with them. It will provide an overview of the many online marketing channels you can utilize at little to no cost to your small business. If you're looking to gain a better understanding of how search engine marketing, blog marketing and social media can help you reach new customers, learn more about the customers you have and make dramatic improvements to your business, this workshop is for you.


Many search engine marketing speakers are new to the industry or merely repeat information disseminated by more experienced professionals. Why learn search-friendly design from speakers who do not design for a living? Learn from the leading industry expert on search-friendly and user-friendly interfaces in the field of search engine marketing.

After attending this half-day workshop, you will have a solid understanding of the online marketing tactics small businesses need to utilize:

  • How to use search engine marketing to slash your acquisition costs
  • How blogs can change the way you interact with your customers
  • Why local search and consumer reviews are essential to your brick and mortar store
  • How a small business can still have a big voice thanks to social media
  • Why the Internet may be the key to letting mom and pop shops compete with national chains.
What will I learn?

In this workshop, you will learn why smart small businesses around the country are taking advantage of the Internet and are flourishing during tough economic times and how you can maximize your profits while minimizing your marketing expenses online.

During this workshop, you will learn:

  • What resources are needed to launch an effective small business blog
  • How to make the SEO related changes needed for online success
  • How to create a social media strategy for your small business
  • The pros and cons of handling online marketing yourself and how to make a good choice if you decide to outsource
  • The most common mistakes small businesses make online and how to avoid them
About the Instructor
Jennifer Evans Laycock Jennifer Evans Laycock
Social Media Strategist

Jennifer Evans Laycock works as a small business social media consultant and has made a career out of finding unique and creative ways to connect with consumers without spending a fortune in marketing dollars.

Recognized as an industry leader in small business social media strategies, Jennifer is known for using real language and a common sense approach that delivers solid results while still allowing her clients to fully understand and participate in the process.

Jennifer has also spent six years as Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Guide, a popular industry site focused on educating small businesses about the various aspects of online marketing and is the Social Media Faculty Chair at MarketMotive.

Jennifer is a highly requested speaker and trainer and is also the author of two books, including the Small Business Guide to Search Engine Marketing. She has two adorable children and spends her free time tempting friends and family from the kitchen.

YouTube and Video Marketing Workshop
Training type:Video SEO Training
Instructor:Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR

More than 145 million Americans watched more than 13 billion videos in February 2009. This means more than 75% of the total U.S. Internet audience watched an average of 90 videos per viewer during the month. The duration of the average online video was 3.5 minutes, so the average online video viewer watched more than 5 hours of video.

To put this into perspective, that's more Americans than watched the Super Bowl for a longer amount of time than the pre-game, first-half, half-time and second-half put together. With online video now reaching a mainstream audience, marketers are scrambling to understand how to seize this new opportunity.


Description: (continued)

Unfortunately, they're getting a lot of outdated advice from video search engine optimization (VSEO) experts who entered the field back in the early days - before December 2005. Many of these VSEO experts are still providing quick and easy tips for optimizing videos for Google Video. But these are no longer relevant.

Everything changed when YouTube was officially launched in December 2005 and quickly become the leading destination on the Internet for video entertainment. Less than a year later, YouTube was acquired by Google in November 2006 for $1.65 billion in stock. Today, more than 100 million Americans watch over 6.3 billion videos on YouTube.com each month. However, YouTube doesn't crawl the web trying to index videos posted on millions of websites. Instead, users are now uploading 15 hours of new video to YouTube every minute. In fact, when it comes to helping Americans discover, watch and almost 63 videos a month, YouTube acts more like a video sharing site and less like a video search engine.

That's why it's time for an in-the-trenches practitioner to debunk popular myths and lead marketers on a path to gaining actionable insights from their YouTube and video marketing efforts.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for marketers, including: Internet marketers, search engine marketers, business marketers, sports marketers, event marketers, product marketers and corporate marketers. This includes "do it yourselfers" and entrepreneurial small business owners. The workshop is also for YouTubers who already shoot their own videos and post that content online. This includes the comedians, directors, gurus, musicians, partners, politicians and YouTubers who have created two to three million channels on YouTube.


Marketers should attend this workshop because they didn't learn about video marketing in college - because there were no courses on this topic a couple of years ago - and their marketing jobs and marketing careers are rapidly being reshaped by YouTube. YouTubers will be interested in learning how to market and promote their YouTube videos more effectively.

What will I learn?

This workshop will show you how to implement a successful video marketing strategy in a relatively new and rapidly changing field. It will focus on YouTube, which is the top online video website with a 79% share of US visits in February 2009, according to Hitwise. But it will also cover Google Video (4.5%), MySpaceTV (4.0%) and other video sharing sites and video search engines. It will focus on the US, but it will also cover Canada and the UK, where YouTube is also the top video destination. Here is an outline of the agenda:

  • A short history of YouTube
  • The online video market
  • Map out your strategy
  • Optimize your video
  • Create video content
  • Create a channel
  • Engage the community
  • Learn video production
  • Become a YouTube Partner
  • Trust, but verify YouTube Insight
  • Measure outcomes vs. outputs
  • The road from here
About the Instructor
Greg Jarboe Greg Jarboe
President & Co-founder

Greg Jarboe is president and co-founder of SEO-PR, a content marketing agency that offers SEO, PR, social media marketing, and video marketing services. Econsultancy has called SEO-PR the "online marketing agency specialising in successfully optimising seemingly anything that moves for search."

Jarboe is the author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day. He is also a contributor to Strategic Digital Marketing: Top Digital Experts Share the Formula for Tangible Returns on Your Marketing Investment by Eric Greenberg and Alexander Kates; Complete B2B Online Marketing by William Leake, Lauren Vaccarello, and Maura Ginty; as well as Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions by Guy Kawasaki. Jarboe is also profiled in Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus by Michael Miller.

Jarboe is a member of the executive education faculty at the Rutgers Business School and he is the Content Marketing faculty chair at Market Motive. He writes for ClickZ and ReelSEO. He is also a frequent speaker at ClickZ Live and other industry conferences. The International Search Summit audience voted him the winner of its first Medallion Speaker Award.

Managing Complex Search Programs
Training type:Enterprise Search Marketing
Instructor:Bill Hunt, Back Azimuth Consulting

Big sites especially those of multi-brand and multi-national companies face complex challenges when it comes to search marketing. Whether you operate a small site and want to learn how the big boys do it or you are tasked with managing a complex site this workshop will give you the tools, ideas and motivation to go back and start to deploy a world-class search program in your organization.

Search is often considered an isolated tactic. We will explore how large companies are integrating search into the marketing mix to compliment the overall performance. Specific review of best practices for integrating paid and organic search to identified gaps in your program.


Description: (continued)

Using real life examples and attendee scenarios you will clearly understand what is necessary to deploy a highly effective and broadly focused search program in your organization.

If you are looking for a no nonsense, practical workshop on how to really jump start and maximize results from search marketing from a true practitioner with many years experience then this workshop is for you.

Who should attend?
  • Companies who want to understand how large sites tackle Search Marketing
  • Anyone tasked with managing a large scale or global SEO program
  • Anyone currently managing a search program with minimal resources

This session will be conducted by an experienced practitioner of SEO at the global and enterprise scale explaining how large companies have strategically deployed search marketing and received significant traffic and sales gains.

The days of optimizing individual pages are over and the companies who are winning the optimization game are doing so via scale by integrating search sooner into the content creation workflow and into the site infrastructure. In this workshop we will teach you the techniques for changing the development process in your organization.

Investing in SEM requires involvement of key decision makers, as well as extended teams. This workshop will give you the tools, techniques and motivation necessary to cut through the bureaucracy and negativity at even the most archaic thinking companies.

What will I learn?
  • Detailed understanding of how the big sites leverage search for traffic generation
  • How to develop a Center of Excellence for search in your organization
  • How to train your extended team on search best practices and keep them current
  • How to integrate paid and organic search data to identify missed opportunities
  • Key questions to ask when selecting an external agency or hiring for an internal position
  • How to win management support for your programs
  • How to deploy a keyword arbitration program
  • How to leverage template optimization into a global success story
  • Techniques for making search part of the overall web development and content management workflow.
  • How to develop a scorecard system to keep search top of mind within the organization.

You'll leave with:

  • Checklists of diagnosing problems with large sites
  • Sample Business Case Templates for convincing management to invest in search
  • Sample Missed Opportunity Analysis Worksheet
  • Detailed checklist of best practices and next steps to recharge your search efforts
About the Instructor

Bill is the President of Back Azimuth Consulting, which focuses on helping companies implement global search marketing strategies and detailed "voice of the consumer models" using keyword data to understand what consumers are looking for to better drive content strategies.

Bill is considered one of the top thought leaders on Global Search Engine Marketing and is an internationally recognized Search Marketing speaker having spoken at conferences in over 30 countries. Press, industry analysts and corporate leaders frequently seek Bill's advice to effectively leverage Enterprise and Global Search Marketing and Social Media strategy.

Bill is the co-author of the best selling book "Search Engine Marketing, Inc." Driving Traffic to Your Companies Web Site from IBM Press now in it's 3rd Edition.

Getting Fluent in Search Marketing: A Fast-Track for Senior Managers
Training type:SEO/SEM Management Training
Instructor:Amanda Watlington, Searching for Profit

With search marketing gobbling almost half of all online marketing dollars, it is imperative for all entrepreneurs and/or C-Suite management to be fluent in search. This fast-paced training session is designed to give the senior manager a jumpstart on the critical issues related to managing this key marketing function. It will rip through the alphabet soup of search -- the PPC, SEO, SEM, CMS acronyms and delve into why you must align search to meet strategic marketing goals, budget for this key marketing effort, find the KPIs that fit your organization and break down the barriers to success in the organization. This will provide a framework for those who must manage search marketing at the senior level.


Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs and C-suite executives and senior managers who must manage the strategic direction and allocation of resources for marketing in online and offline channels and want to rapidly develop an in-depth understanding of the fast-changing search channel. Whether you are new to search or a seasoned veteran, this workshop will help take you to a new level of understanding.


Most search marketing training is directed at the tactical "how to" level or focuses on providing industry overviews. This seminar is focused on providing a strategic framework for managing search. After attending this workshop, you will understand:

  • Where search fits in the marketing mix, its impact on brand initiatives and revenue generation
  • How to evaluate your current search performance and how to realize its full value across the organization
  • Vocabulary of search so that you can evaluate the recommendations of agencies and tacticians
  • How to evaluate staffing scenarios and alternatives - in-house search capability vs. agency vs. hybrid
  • How to budget and allocate resources so that you do not waste valuable marketing resources or starve performance
  • What KPIs are most commonly used to measure search performance, the challenges of attribution and when and whether you should rely on just a dashboard of indicators

What are the most typical barriers to success and how to evaluate whether they are cultural, organizational or programmatic

What will I learn?

This workshop will combine lecture and case-driven exercises to explore the following topics:

Search and the marketing mix.

  • How search impacts
  • Lead generation
  • Direct sales
  • Brand recognition
  • Customer acquisition and retention

Current search performance

  • How and what are the key drivers of search performance?
  • What does it take to improve performance?

The Vocabulary of Search

  • How to avoid being blinded by "geek" speak and cut to results?


  • Who should be responsible for search and how to evaluate the alternatives

Resources Allocation

  • How much is enough - preventing waste without starving results

The Metrics of Success

  • Giving up the search engine ranking as a concept of measurement - why it must happen
  • Why one set of search KPIs cannot be applied to all organizations
  • Dashboards - what they tell and what may lie hidden from view

Barriers to Success

  • What sabotages search marketing success? Do you need to consider improving your search marketing or undertaking a change management initiative with search as a catalyst?
About the Instructor
Amanda Watlington Amanda Watlington
Searching for Profit

Amanda Watlington is owner of Searching for Profit, a search marketing consultancy focusing on the interaction of the consumer with businesses, using search engines, RSS, blogs, podcasting, or other new media to deliver their messages. An industry thought leader and an internationally-recognized speaker, Amanda has led sessions on search marketing, web strategy, and social media at Search Engine Strategies, Webmaster World, Ad:tech, and DMA. She shares her views of where search marketing is headed on her blog, Blogs and Feeds, and as a blogger for Search Engine Watch.

Mobile Marketing 101
Training type:Introduction to Mobile Marketing & Mobile SEO
Instructor:Cindy Krum, Rank-Mobile, LLC

In this 4 hour training session, attendees will learn basic mobile marketing strategies that are attracting mobile traffic today. The session will focus on mobile SEO, but will also touch on driving traffic and conversions with mobile applications, text messaging and mobile email. You will learn what you need to know to develop, launch and track a mobile marketing strategy. Students are welcome to bring their laptops to this session. Wireless access will be provided.


Who should attend?

This program is intended for mobile and traditional SEO/SEM consultants, site designers, developers, in-house search engine marketing specialists, agency representatives and Internet consulting professionals who want to make the most of the opportunity search engines offer.


After attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand how mobile marketing fits into the traditional and online marketing mix
  • Determine what mobile marketing strategy is most appropriate for your target market
  • Update your existing site to be found and used on a variety of mobile devices
  • Choose a mobile site architecture that will work for your site and your customers
  • Direct mobile meta crawlers and mobile users to mobile content
  • Author meta data that ranks well in mobile search and is compelling for mobile searchers
  • Leverage local and universal search results in mobile search engines
  • Provide a good mobile user experience for all mobile devices
  • Test mobile websites to ensure they render correctly across different devices
  • Track and evaluate your mobile success
  • Anticipate future opportunities in mobile marketing.
What will I learn?

What is Mobile Marketing & Mobile SEO?

  • Definitions & Statistics
  • Included Technologies
  • General Goals

What are the Tenants of a Good Mobile Marketing Strategy?

  • Find-ability
  • Usability
  • Interactivity

How do you Develop a Mobile SEO Strategy

  • Mobile Site Architecture
  • Content Development for Mobile
  • Mobile-Specific Site Features
  • Keyword Selection for Mobile
  • Universal & Local SEO for Mobile

How do you Develop a Text Messaging Strategy?

  • Getting Users to Opt in for SMS
  • Short Codes and Premium Short Codes
  • Linking SMS with Other Media
  • Compelling SMS messaging

How do you Develop a Mobile Coupon & Email Strategy?

  • Getting Users to Opt in for Coupons & Email
  • Mobile Email Rendering
  • Targeting and Messaging Concerns
  • Making Mobile Email Interactive

What is the Future for Mobile Marketing?

  • Omnipresence of the Web
  • Growth of Mobile Infrastructure and Networks
  • Growing Privacy Concerns
About the Instructor
Cindy Krum Cindy Krum
Founder & CEO

Cindy Krum is the CEO and Founder of MobileMoxie, LLC, a mobile marketing consultancy and host of the most cutting-edge online mobile marketing tool set available today. Cindy is the author of Mobile Marketing: Finding Your Customers No Matter Where They Are, published by Que Publishing and now also available in German, Italian, Korean and Chinese. She brings fresh and creative ideas to her clients, providing on-site training and workshops, as well as speaking at national and international trade events on a regular basis.

Cindy is an active member of the search community and has been published in Website Magazine, Advertising & Marketing Review, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Marketing Land, SEOmoz, Search Engine Strategies Magazine, and quoted by many respected publications including PC World, Internet Retailer, TechWorld, Direct Magazine and Search Marketing Standard.

Mark KnowlesAs an exhibitor, qualified leads—even more than quantity—are key to tradeshow success. We found the leads at SES San Jose 2009 to be highly qualified as a first time exhibitor.
—Mark Knowles, CEO of Pixelsilk

Aaron GoldmanSES San Jose really lived up to its name -- Search Engine Strategies. The Day 1 content got us out of the weeds and focused on high-level strategic concepts. Day 2 and beyond activated the more tactical and practical discussion that's also crucial for those looking to master all things search.
—Aaron Goldman, VP, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Resolution Media

I had heard many great things about SES New York, and after attending, I will hands-down be another evangelist of SES! Job well done - the sessions were informative, the expo hall had interesting booths, and the event was efficiently organized. Thank you for a great week!
—Alicia Magda, Solid Cactus Inc.

Marc PoirierSES New York 2009 was by far the best search engine marketing show I've been to in 4 years - and I go to them all! Kudos for a great event!
—Marc Poirier, Co-Founder & CMO of Acquisio

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