June 16-18, 2008 • Metro Toronto Convention Centre (South Bldg.) • Toronto, Canada   

Agenda - Day 1

Day 1 - Tuesday, June 17, 2008




Morning Coffee


Conference Welcome & Orientation


Opening Keynote


Expo Hall Grand Opening


Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Track: Get Me Up to Speed
Introduction to Search Engine Marketing
"Search Engine Marketing" (SEM) is a general term that encompasses the entire field of web search visibility, including paid search ads (sometimes called "PPC" for pay-per-click) and improving visibility in unpaid organic search listings (generally referred to as SEO, for "search engine optimization"). This session will provide a broad-ranging and concise survey of how search engines work, where to prioritize your time and effort, and key marketing concepts. The session is particularly useful for newcomers to the field, and first-time SES attendees.


Track: Practical & Actionable
Search Around the World: U.K., Europe, Asia Pacific, & Latin America
Eastern and Western companies are rushing to get a piece of the action internationally, but does anyone really understand the marketplace? In this session, attendees will learn how to separate hype from actionable activity. Leading experts with "feet on the street" in the U.K., Europe, Asian Pacific, and Latin America discuss the marketplace and the impact it's having on the world.


Track: Advanced
Universal and Blended Search
Search result multiplicity is not a new phenomenon, but recent advancements guarantee that the world of search and marketing will be changing forever. How do the new "blended" search results pages affect your marketing strategy? Do these changes mean that the major search engines are eager to keep the "second click" on web properties owned by themselves? How popular are the new blended search results with users? This session will include research data available only at SES.



Networking Lunch


Orion Panel: Measuring Success in a 2.0 World
A successful search analytics strategy is key to maximizing ROI. Traffic is nice, but what happens after the click? What's the dollar value of a lead? What about the dollar value of a social media relationship, or a discussion? Are analytics tools accurate? This panel of thought leaders in the field of analytics will discuss bounce rates, improving conversion, spotting trends, and generally elevating your SEO/PPC analysis to a whole new level.



Session Interval


Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Track: Get Me Up to Speed
State of Search Marketing in Canada
Which search engines are leaders in Canada, and what are they up to? What regional differences in search engine usage do we see within Canada? What vertical areas of search are growing? Representatives from major ratings and traffic analysis services share stats and info. Search engine representatives also comment on trends. Finally, panelists look to the big picture to assess the growing strength of digital marketing in Canada and where search fits in.


Track: Practical & Actionable
Getting Found in Maps & Local Search
Local search and navigation are very popular with users. Some of the available business listings are free! Search engine representatives and marketers give an overview of the new local search and map interfaces, give practical tips on how to increase the visibility of your company in local results, and offer advice on improving your local reputation.


Track: Advanced
Paid Search: Advanced Issues in PPC
The top four providers of paid search programs now generate $20 billion in annual revenue. But paid search is more complex than a monolithic "media buy." It requires, among other things, planning, bid strategy, ad testing, and regular maintenance. Experienced panelists provide their top tips for improving and measuring performance, finding bargains, testing creative, navigating platform quirks, and pumping up the volume.



Afternoon Break in the Expo Hall


Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Track: Get Me Up to Speed
Site Clinic
This interactive session takes volunteers from the audience and examines their websites live to provide general feedback about improving them to gain more traffic from search engines.


Track: Practical & Actionable
Beyond Linkbait: Getting Authoritative Online Mentions
Link building is crucial, but linkbait tactics that worked this year may not be as effective next year. This session focuses on the underlying quality as well as ingenuity needed to get other websites to link to you early and often. It will also explain how you should approach journalists, bloggers, and other authoritative sources to enhance your company's online reputation — whether or not you get links.


Track: Advanced
Twitter: Ultimate Time Waster, or Great Tool?
How many followers do you have? How many do you want? Bloggers are dropping like flies and micro-blogging is taking the world by storm. How should you be incorporating the ultimate time waster? Is it worth it? Hear from experts in the field on the who, what, where, and when of the latest in social connecting and marketing.



Networking Cocktail Reception in the Expo Hall


Official SES Toronto After-Party hosted by Epiar and Yahoo

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