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Agenda - Day 2

Day 2 - Wednesday, 20th February 2008*




Morning Coffee


Keynote Roundtable: The Changing Search World
The recent possibilities presented with a Microsoft/ Yahoo world represent the culmination of the ongoing battle for mindshare in accessing the world's information. We have front row seats to these events as they unfold. With an introduction from author and thought leader Nick Carr, search experts and analysts discuss the impact of these changes in an interactive format.

Introduction by:
  • Nick Carr, Author of The Big Switch, Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google


Morning Break


Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Fundamentals Track
Successful Site Architecture
Learn to successfully architect your site for search engines and how specific page elements and design technologies may impact your ability to gain good organic listings. Covers topics such as directory and file structure, server-side includes (SSIs), 404 error trapping, JavaScript, robots.txt use, frames, secure area usage, and much more. Toward the end of the session, volunteers from the audience will have their sites examined to see how changes could be made to their site architecture and design to increase search engine traffic, as time allows. It's highly recommended for those new to search engine marketing to have previously attended the "Search Engine Friendly Design" session on Day 1.

Introduction by:

Search Advertising Track
Landing Page Testing & Tuning
Getting someone to click on your search ad is only half the battle. Once visitors arrive, the landing pages you display to them are a crucial component in converting them into buyers. This session looks at ways to test and tweak your landing pages to get that conversion. NOTE: The session is designed for those who are already familiar with how paid placement works.


Organic & Beyond Track
News Search SEO
News search engines offer a great way to receive targeted traffic related to breaking topics or to help with a public relations launch. In this session, we look at how to make use of press releases and news content to tap into the power of news search.



Session Interval


Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Fundamentals Track
Search Term Research & Targeting
The bedrock to success with search engines is understanding which search terms to target. Fail in that and your audience may never find you. This session covers ways to undertake search term research that is crucial to succeeding with your search engine marketing efforts, whether that be via free or paid listings. Toward the end of the session, volunteers from the audience will have their sites reviewed for search term research issues, if time allows.


Search Advertising Track
Converting Visitors into Buyers
Getting visitors to your web site is only half the battle. To be victorious, you need them to convert into customers by making purchases, signing up for services or fulfilling whatever are your goals. Learn about making this conversion. The latter part of the session takes volunteers from the audience and examines their web sites live to provide general feedback about changing them to improve visitor conversion.

Introduction by:

Organic & Beyond Track
Blog & Feed Search SEO
This session explores how specialized blog and feed (RSS/Atom) search engines gather content and provides tips on tapping into these growing forms of traffic.



Networking Lunch


Google Google University: Basics / Analytics (FREE with conference registration)


Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Fundamentals Track
Compare & Contrast: Ad Program Strategies
The major search ad networks all operate differently, sometimes radically so. This session looks at some of the key differences between them and how to make these as painless as possible or even work to your advantage.


Search Advertising Track
European Search Marketing Case Studies
This session will provide real-life examples of firms that have deployed successful search marketing campaigns throughout Europe and the U.K.


Organic & Beyond Track
Video & Podcast SEO
New products make it easier to locate video content from across the web or to find "podcast" programs, on-demand radio-like shows people can listen to on MP3 players or their computers. This session will provide a look at various services and how to get your content visible and audible within them.



Afternoon Break


Google Google University: Masterclass (FREE with conference registration)


Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Fundamentals Track
Balancing Organic & Paid Listings
If you get plenty of "free" listings, there's no need to go the paid route, right? Wrong -- what happens if a change in how search engines rank pages leaves you out of the top results? Well, if you buy your way in, there's no need to worry about the free results! Wrong again. Why not gain free traffic if you're relevant? This session explores issues like these and how to get the balance right between free and paid campaigns.


Search Advertising Track
Searcher Behaviour Research Update
How do searchers interact with search engines? New research is constantly coming out revealing how searchers act. This session explores the latest studies and findings to provide tips and tactics for search marketers to consider.


Organic & Beyond Track
Images and Search Engines
Regular search engines can't understand text trapped within images, and this session looks at strategies to combat this problem for the image-intensive site. It also examines how to generate traffic using your images via image-specific search engines.



Session Interval


Attendees may choose to attend one of the three sessions offered during this time.

Fundamentals Track
Linking Strategies
Effective linking is crucial, but linking strategies that once worked may not be the way to go today. This session will explore issues such as whether you should buy or sell links, how far is too far in optimizing your internal link structure, and if you operate a network of sites, can natural interlinking be perceived as link spam?


Search Advertising Track
Competitive Research
Search engines can tell you a lot about your competition, if you know what to look for. Learn how to use search engines to profile your competition, helping you understand what links to gain, ad prices to pay, content to offer and customers to seek.


Organic & Beyond Track
Social Search Overview
Humans are hot again, when it comes to search. But this time, it's not the old school method of using a small group of human editors to categorize the web. Instead, search engines are tapping into human knowledge more widely through tagging, click through tracking, search history features and other methods. Learn about the social search revolution that's underway, in this session.


*Agenda subject to change


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UK companies are expected to spend £2.2 billion on search engine marketing this year, up 58% from 2006, according to E-consultancy's SEM Buyer's Guide (2007).

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